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IBM InfoSphere MDM V11 Training

Course description: IBM InfoSphere MDM Server (5-days)

Day 1

Data Model: Customer Domain

  • Person and Organization
  • 360 view
  • Location and contact methods

Request & Response Framework

  • Overview of interfaces: RMI, MQ, Batch
  • Exercise: Creating transactions from scratch
  • Exercise: Submitting transactions to DWLCommonServices.handleRequest()
  • Interpreting responses


Day 2
Data Model: Contract Domain

  • Contracts & components
  • Linking to a customer

Exercise: MDM Developer Workspace Setup & Configuration (Optional)

Data Model: Product Domain

  • XML data type
  • Hard data types
  • Exercise: Extending the data model with soft data types


Day 3

MDM Server Architecture

  • Service Oriented Architecture
  • Validations
  • Customization points
  • Integration with other products
  • Event manager
  • Review of available documentation
  • Best practices

MDM Server Extensions

  • Exercise: Creating an extension using the workbench wizard
  • Exercise: Creating an addition using the workbench wizard
  • Deployment and testing of new code
  • Introduction to the MDM Server Java API
  • Exercise: Implementing java business rules


Day 4

Duplicate Suspect Processing

  • Duplicate party detection algorithm
  • Customizing DSP

Batch Framework

  • Exercise: Using the batch processor
  • Exercise: Writing composite XMLs (Optional)

Composite Services

  • Overview of composite service design
  • Exercise: Writing java business proxies


Day 5

Event Manager

  • Exercise: Using event manager
  • Wrap-Up


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  • Training the last three days has been fantastic! Very glad we came upon ExistBI. I’d really like to acknowledge the great job Harvey did providing the training. His knowledge and experience was much appreciated by the team. His flexibility and willingness to go beyond was great to see.

    — Tim Winters – Product Development Manager

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