3 Big Data Pitfalls that Enterprises Face without Hadoop

As businesses continue to evolve, the volume of data they own increases substantially; in many cases, it reaches an amount that becomes impossible to manually collect and analyze. In such scenarios, many companies take the assistance of Hadoop.

Hadoop is a programming framework based on Java that offers a distributed file system and helps organizations process data sets.

It is likely that Hadoop will become a necessity, not just for massive corporations in the future, but even for traditional and smaller enterprises that will attain major advantages by using it.  These benefits include things such as cost-effectiveness and scalability among others. In fact, it seems evident that business owners will face substantial problems if they do not realize the importance of software like Hadoop to their corporations.

The following are some of the disadvantages that one might have to deal with if they do not invest in individuals who have received big data Hadoop training, and are exceptional in the field.

Sluggish Rate of Data Processing

Hadoop utilizes a unique method for the storage of data. The data is collected in the form of clusters that are mapped based on the location of these clusters. Data processing is thus made much faster and more effective. As a result of this, a lot of delays and postponements that would occur otherwise are avoided.

Hundreds of thousands GB worth of data can be processed with relative ease and efficiency with respect to time. Without having access to Hadoop, accomplishing such a massive feat would be near impossible. It is for this reason that Hadoop is considered to be an absolute necessity nowadays, and many large corporations cannot even imagine running their operations without it. Time is a resource that is quite difficult to attain for many business tycoons. Everything needs to be done as quickly as possible, and for this, a faster rate of data processing is essential.

Misuse of Funds

Data is an asset that never stops growing. With new customers, clients, and products, there are innumerable sets of data in any enterprise. Most database management software does not have the ability to scale according to the volume of data that the enterprise is working with. This creates a never-ending cycle of upgrades based on the organization’s ever-changing requirements.

Many businesses delete their raw data to conserve its size. While this works as a temporary solution, the fact of the matter is that if the business ever had to change its initiatives and methodologies, it would require the deleted raw data in order to make reliable and dependable business decisions. With that data gone forever, they are unable to do so, often leading to a plethora of drastic consequences.

Hadoop ensures that it remains flexible and versatile throughout the entire lifespan of a business. It can be scaled based on the needs of the enterprise and has the ability to store and save data that can be utilized at a later date. This way, not only is data stored in a cost-effective manner, but one does not risk having to return to square 1 because they were forced to delete all of their essential raw data.

No Backups in Case of Data Corruption or Loss

One major benefit of Hadoop is the fact that it is able to reverse data corruption or loss. The way data is stored on Hadoop ensures that replications and copies of it are saved across various other nodes. This ensures that even if data is lost or corrupted due to any reason, it can easily be replicated and reused because copies of it are still available.

Recovering from loss of data is a task that can prove to be a difficult endeavor for many companies. Unless they have proper measures for security and recovery in place like in Hadoop, they are not only looking at a cost-heavy solution, but also one that can drain their time and make them lose millions in revenue. This is obviously something that every company attempts to avoid, which is exactly why Hadoop is so important in its operations.

This is why, today, companies consider big data Hadoop training a must-have quality moving forward in the digital landscape. Its many features and benefits are something that most companies cannot give up, and as a result of this, they constantly strive to attain more people who are skilled in their ability to properly manage Hadoop and excel in its functions.

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