3 Reasons Behind Data Migration Failures and The Need to Design & Implement Data Migration Strategies and Best Practices

Whenever data grows to an enormous and unmanageable amount in an enterprise, data migration becomes inevitable. According to Bloor Research, a European IT research and analyst firm, businesses spend near about $5 billion a year on data migration. Yet data migration fails at times whenever the best data migration strategies and best practices are not employed. Following are the top three mistakes that businesses make during data migration:

Lack of Proper Planning: The best of the data migration strategies fail if the process is started without proper planning.

Hastiness: The attempt to rush through the process, oversimplifying it, and underestimating the time required for data migration leads to time shortage, due to which many important tasks may remain undone at the end.

Technical Failure: The data server or target data storage device gets crashed or data gets corrupted.

In order to avoid all such technical failures and strategic pitfalls, businesses should hire data migration consultants. These experts devise the best data migration strategies and follow the best data migration practices to ensure a smooth transition. ExistBI is a leading name in the Informatica industry and has the latest tools to serve the data migration needs of different businesses.


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