6 Tips to Choose The Best Salesforce Consulting Partner

If you want to deliver incomparable customer services that grow your business constantly then you need to choose the right salesforce consulting partner, as they have the experience and skills to implement the best sales practices. They can help in building your applications faster, marketing and selling your products sooner, and following up with your customers better. Now the question arises that what things should be considered while choosing a salesforce consultant for your business? Following are a few points that you should look for in a consulting company:

1. All-Round Expertise

Sales –Your salesforce consultant team should consist of sales managers or operation directors as they offer important, real-world insights and advice on sales strategies that prove effective for your business.

Project Management –A good salesforce consultant has experience in project management. This ensures smooth execution of projects, prompt delivery, and successful post-implementation training.

Related Technologies –A salesforce consultant team must also have experience across numerous technologies with which a salesforce integrates, like custom software applications and using programs like Quickbooks, Tally, etc.

Apart from salesforce expertise, a salesforce consulting company should possess other critical skills in order to establish a successful partnership. These include:

2. Implementation Methodology

When hiring the best salesforce Consultant for your business, you must first understand the consultant’s implementation methodology. Agile-based delivery is undoubtedly the best practice since it accounts for iterations and phases that help in ensuring that the project is completed on time and within the set budget. This methodology also ensures a high level of collaboration and communication between the salesforce partner and your team, consequently leading to better results.

3. Ongoing Support

It is also important to discuss with a salesforce partner whether they will support your operations after the completion of implementation. If yes, then how? It is best to choose a partner who keeps focussing on the ongoing salesforce issues and updates so that you do not lack in this competitive business world.

4. Budget

Another important aspect that cannot be ignored when choosing salesforce support is to set and discuss your budget so that you only go for options that lie within your range. You should ask the consultants for proposals and choose the best one after comparing their offerings.

5. Data Migration Costs

Underestimating the difficulty and value of transferring your data into salesforce is a big mistake. The process of merging data from Outlook contacts, various excel spreadsheets, Microsoft Access, e-mail newsletter databases, etc is quite difficult.  Any complication in data migration can cost you a lot. Therefore, if you have data trust issues in your newly hired Salesforce system, there is a likelihood of your project failure.

6. Location

It is better to work with a salesforce consulting company that is geographically near to you. This will totally eliminate the issues of time zones and will give you the chance to work closely with your consulting team. This also facilitates face-to-face communication, high engagement, and better alignment of the team.

Although, choosing the right salesforce consultant is a daunting task, but the aforementioned qualities can surely help you to go for the option that aids in transforming your business infrastructural requirements, automating regular processes, and upgrading and migrating to the cloud.


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