If you are looking for a microstrategy course in UK, then ExistBI would suggest that you choose an advance data warehousing course, because it is going to provide you with comprehensive knowledge.

Things which you will learn:

  • In the microstrategy course in UK, you will learn different things related to data warehousing
  • You will learn how to model complex attribute relationships
  • You will learn how to implement role attributes
  • You will learn about changing dimensions gradually
  • You will be able to practice what you learn during this 2 day course

This course will focus on:

  • Introduction of data warehouse, which will include the overview of advanced data warehousing
  • Concept of advance schema design which will talk about star schemas, schema designs which are recommended by us and snowflake schemas
  • It would present the logical views, which includes Microstrategy Architect, the creation of logical views and their implementation in data warehousing issues

There are also hierarchies, which will be discussed in this microstrategy training in UK. These hierarchies include ragged, split, recursive and dimensions, which are changing gradually. Come to ExistBI and learn all about advanced data warehousing and a lot more related to it!


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