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There comes a time when every organization must step back and decide what’s best for it. Because let’s be honest: The extremely stiff competition in the world we live in today has forced business owners to go at each other’s throats. To become the very best, the first step which businesses must take is to get their data in order. Since data is the very definition of power in the modern world, it makes sense why there’s so much craze behind it. On the basis of the insight gathered from this data, business owners can make better decisions and come to better conclusions.

But the data collection, processing, and integration procedures aren’t that straightforward. There can be several different sources from which data is supposed to be extracted from, therefore it can become extremely complicated to integrate it and keep track of everything. There is a proper term for these procedures. Known as extraction, loading, and transforming (or ETL), the process enables businesses to work on data warehouses and gain immediate access to data for analysis. There are quite a few software/platforms that can fulfill this purpose. A renowned name in this domain is the Informatica PowerCenter – One of the leading ETL/data integration platforms in the market. Because of its position in the market and proven effectiveness, experts now consider getting Informatica PowerCenter training the next big step in becoming the best.

There is so much that a business can accomplish with the Informatica PowerCenter. There’s no doubt that it’s one of the best ETL software in the market. In this article, we will discuss all of those features and hopefully try to explain why getting training classes is a good investment. Without further ado, let us get started:

In the Spotlight: Informatica PowerCenter

As mentioned above, Informatica PowerCenter is an ETL software. It is the flagship product of Informatica Corp, a company that deals in providing data integration and cloud data management platforms. PowerCenter is the most widely used Informatica product, with thousands of users worldwide. It is a scalable tool that is used for data warehousing. It is very user-friendly and can help businesses integrate data collected from various sources in a code-free environment.

But what makes it any different than other ETL software? Below, we will shed further light on this matter.

Benefits of Implementing Informatica PowerCenter

Informatica PowerCenter has a significant edge over other software. Here are some reasons why:

 User-Friendliness & Re-usability

A major challenge that business managers face while engaging in data analysis is having to deal with complicated software that requires coding. Since most managers do not possess technical skills and know-how, they are stuck with having to take help from their colleagues in the IT department. However, with Informatica PowerCenter, users can enjoy a code-free environment and re-use functions over and over again. Moreover, functions are represented graphically, so it becomes easier for users of all technical competencies to identify them. Considering all of this, it’s safe to say that implementing this software in your organization would result in a boost in productivity and morale (a great reason to get Informatica PowerCenter training!)

  Seamless Connectivity

The main purpose of any ETL software is to connect with various sources of data to extract, load, and transform it so that it can be stored in a data warehouse. However, at times, some platforms do not connect immediately with the data sources (or do not connect at all), making it difficult for the organizations using them to get things sorted out and make critical decisions. Informatica PowerCenter, on the other hand, offers universal connectivity. With this software by your side, you can easily integrate data from virtually any type of source, all thanks to its top-of-the-line connectors.

  Collaboration Between Departments

There are certain tasks that require different departments to collaborate with each other. However, things are not always that straightforward. Moreover, friction and work pressure could result in wastage of time, lowering productivity and possibly resulting in loss of time. The Informatica PowerCenter provides role-based functions, self-service analytics, and timely delivery of quality data, which eliminates the challenges of collaboration, results in higher productivity, and reduces the time it takes to make important decisions. Simply put, with this software, non-technical business managers do not always have to bug the IT personnel, and everything is performed seamlessly.

Final Thoughts

Considering just the above-mentioned benefits which Informatica PowerCenter has to offer, anyone would be convinced of the fact that it truly is one of the best ETL software out there. And the interesting part? We have only just scratched the surface! There are countless other advantages that Informatica PowerCenter has over other platforms.

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