For a successful business, a company needs to have employees who are professionally trained and know every nook and cranny about their work. This is why universe designer training is imperative for them to gather and understand all the external and internal information comprehensively.

Universe designer tools offer the users an opportunity to design and introduce changes to the universe’s source data. They can build a business object storehouse by changing, reading, arranging, and creating business values in an innovatively created universe. It helps users to analyze and come up with queries by interacting with the data available. However, for that matter, the users need to have proficient skills in the universe designer.

Factors of Universe Designer Training

Through universe designer training, employees will be trained to perform the following functions easily:

  • To fill in measures and details
  • To set dimensions
  • To define aliases and names of the universe
  • To set hierarchies
  • To set contexts
  • To reach out to the data source
  • To come up with lists of values
  • To define security parameters
  • To set objects and subclasses

ExistBI offers premium quality universe designer training. It provides you with a complete service that will guide you through the use of tools and procedures, to enable you to make the best use of the universe source data of your business.


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