As we increasingly move towards a tech-powered world, people have differing opinions, including the two most popular ones regarding the extinction of humanity or the evolution of the human race. Have you picked your side yet?

It does not matter which side you pick since technology has out gown us all. The force behind the advancing technology are humans, therefore you can only look forward to a better life, whether you are a homemaker, a budding entrepreneur, or a successful businessman. Business intelligence systems and data mining have changed the way businesses used to hunt for opportunities. In fact, these technological tools have made hunting much easier and quicker than it used to be.

Further reading may just inspire you to build your own tech-powered business and enjoy a rewarding life.

Business Intelligence Systems Tools

How to Utilize Business Intelligence Systems and Data mining, collaboratively and in an Effective Manner?

Arriving at this article, you must be familiar with the term, BI, which refers to the ability to convert data into information, and further convert it into knowledge. Business intelligence systems combine a set of data analysis applications, including enterprise reporting, ad-hoc analysis, querying, online analytical processing (OLAP), operational, mobile, and real-time Bi, as well as cloud software as a service BI. The applications further include collaborative software and add-ons to improve performance and utilize BI to its full potential.

How to Utilize Business Intelligence Systems and Data mining

However, data mining tools first buy in the data that BI processes into meaningful information and attractive visuals. The collaboration between business intelligence systems and data mining tools provides a competitive advantage over other industry players and improves survivability.

For example, data mining tools are highly effective in aiding better customer CRM (Customer Relationship Management) through diverse patterns and real-time habits. Business intelligence systems use this input to create meaningful relationships and help management make key strategic and tactical decisions.

Business Intelligence Systems and Data Mining – The Critical Aspects

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As already established, business intelligence systems and data mining have collaboratively made business operations more efficient, however both, new and established businesses fear BI has done wrong. Now, although at the first pitch, you might just go crazy over the idea of business intelligence system implementation and use of data mining tools to easily hunt data, build relationships and create seamless reports, BI often leads to disturbance and chaos if not properly thought of.

  • Business Intelligence Systems can cost a lot of time and money.
  • The time-consuming implementation can disturb your current workflow systems.
  • The hardware, software, implementation, maintenance, and personnel costs can be too much to bear for a company, especially if it is an SMB (Small or Medium-sized Business) that has liquidity problems is halfway into implementation.
  • A custom BI system implementation may cost between $6 million to $3 billion, whereas off-the-shelf BI tools may cost a bit less, but enterprise-wide implementation can still add up costs very quickly.
  • Ineffective management is often a reason cited by experts behind the failure of BI projects. This is because either the management anticipates less implementation time even after being well informed of the time frames or the management overstates the ease of implementation.
  • It blends personal and professional boundaries therefore management feels insecure.
  • Data security is often questionable by management.
  • Multiple BI applications with different add-ons might be a continuous requirement for better functioning.
  • The source of complaints is often the BI vendors who find it difficult to interact with management, or management’s incapability to respond with the new system in place.
  • Data mining in business intelligence often leads to overload of data i.e. missing values, dirty data, poor representation in data sampling, inadequate amount of data, etc.
  • Mining in Big Data (huge data sets) requires different approaches and tools before business intelligence systems play their part.
  • Dealing with data variety is often a challenge.

Eyeing For a Better Future

business intelligence systems 2017

Stepping into this era of technology in the search of a job or looking forward to boosting your business performance, you need to understand that BI and data mining can help you plan for the upcoming opportunities so that you are fully prepared to handle the pressure. Without the knowledge of the changing trends in the industry or the attraction towards running your business the traditional way, you are going to face tough competition and you might end up closing down the shutter. Make the right investment with extensive research, and look forward to an opportunistic future.

What Should Be Your Next Move?

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