Business Intelligence Systems – Will It Replace Humans

You may have heard this since when you were a child that everything has to come to an end. It is true whether you look at it from a tech savvy individual’s perspective or from a philosopher’s perspective. In case you are trying to crack the code of life, you will come to the same conclusion however has it really come to an end yet is a question that still goes unanswered.

Coming to the point, the business world is similar to an alternative life that you live, and it experiences changes more often than you may experience in your personal one. The introduction of business intelligence systems and their widespread use today has made it clear to many that the human race is going to go extinct from the business world once computers take over. However, will this really happen?

A Human’s Performance

Business Intelligence Systems – What Do They Actually Do

The human brain that is made up of over 100 billion nerves and communicates with our body with over trillion connection. Now despite the popular myth that humans use only 10% of their brain, many scientists have proven that humans use close to 100% of their brainpower and process many memories at a time due to the storage space of about 2.5 petabytes (that is almost a million gigabytes).

Therefore, if you have locked yourself into a closet, thinking that you are soon to lose your job because iRobot is going to take your place, then you are thinking way too much than you are supposed to. It is time for a good night’s sleep.

Business Intelligence Systems – What Do They Actually Do?

Although you will come to your senses and return to your job full of energy and enthusiasm after reading this article, you need to remember that business intelligence systems work on commands and humans give those commands. Therefore, it is your ability to operate the controls and prove yourself at work!

Shut Down Your Computer Before It Engulfs You

Business intelligence systems are computers with technology, applications and practices that aid in the gathering, integration, analysis and presentation of raw data into useful information. A few numbers alone will never help you reach a conclusion, however figures that are categorized and have similar characteristics may be connected together to build meaningful relationships that support better decision making in businesses.

With the vast advancement in technology, business intelligence systems have evolved to execute a wide range of functions, the basic function of a business intelligence system is to extract, transform and load (ETL Process) from the different data warehouses, network systems or foreign company databases. In addition, these systems are also capable of performing data mining and big data functions to cope up with the industry’s changing needs.

Business intelligence systems help develop and execute queries, create reports, data visualizations and dashboards to allow the corporate decision makers review the analytical results and come up with future strategic moves for the business. Some companies even offer open source business intelligence solutions like Hadoop where the users do not essentially perform the basic ETL functions but help streamline the whole process to allow faster and more accurate results.

Should You Shut Down Your Computer Before It Engulfs You?

No, certainly not! In fact, this is the time that you need to cope up with the changing technology, educate your brain and polish your skills to better operate these business intelligence systems. Instead of pressing the shutdown key, you can explore the various opportunities that come with changing technology.

The Future

Next Move business intelligence systems

Well… if you explore the market, you will come to know that corporates as well as SMBs are in desperate need of data handling, business intelligence systems and professionals to satisfy the $20 billion market’s need for analytics. It is only sane to get yourself acquainted with a business intelligence system before the demand runs out, therefore you need to enroll in a training course for Informatica, Hadoop, SAP BI, Cognos and others that rule this industry and have proven to offer lucrative job opportunities.

What Should Be Your Next Move?

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