Business Objects Training – The Right Way to Learn About Pros and Cons of Business Objects

If you have been a regular blog reader, you must have gained sufficient knowledge about Business Objects. Businesses are increasingly moving towards technology to organize their operations and enjoy cost-effectiveness. For this very reason, Business Objects has been largely implemented by large businesses to enjoy the benefits; on the other hand, improper Business Objects training has often resulted in disappointment and loss of opportunity.

Reasons Behind Loss of Opportunity:

There are several reasons why businesses have lost the opportunity to grow their business even when they had opted for Business Objects for their business:

Business-Objects training

o Business Objects’ specialists are not properly trained.
o Business Objects’ users do not obtain training from certified professionals.
o The solution provider is not an experienced professional.
o Business Objects’ users are underpaid.
o The users are not aware of the visualizations to be used for the given data type.
o Business Intelligence software users are not given clear directions on what to work towards.
o The skill for data extraction, cleansing, and queries is not used properly.

Selection of The Right Solution Provider

Some businesses outsource their data management function while others establish their own data management department. No matter whether you have opted for, either outsourcing or the latter option, you are the one who is implementing BO; therefore, having renowned and experienced support by your side will help you discover future opportunities and react appropriately. If you are successful in this step, it will clearly distinguish the differences between the pros and cons of Business Objects.

The Pros and Cons of Business Objects

Data Management

As every software has its fair share of pros and cons, so does SAP Business Objects, however understanding why every business considers Business Objects as the right choice as opposed to other business intelligence solutions, is what steers you towards signing up for Business Objects training.

First, let us look at the pros:

1. Business Objects has Massive Resources

SAP BO captures over one-quarter of the market share according to a recent study, and its long-standing reputation gives it ample technical as well financial resources to carry out regular support and improvements in the product. Moreover, its popularity will never leave you feeling stranded because you will easily find talented BO specialists in the market.

2. Business Objects offers Versatile Integration

Data sources are unlimited when you choose SAP BO. In fact, integration with enterprise applications is one of the primary reasons why firms select Business Objects. Here are some of them:
o Sources:

  • OLAP
  • XML
  • Integration Points:
  • Java
  • NET
  • Microsoft Office
  • SharePoint

3. SAP BO offers nearly Endless Scalability

As previously established, SAP BO is an enterprise reporting tool. Other SAP business intelligence tools include Crystal Reports Server and Crystal Reports which is targeted at SMBs. Now you know that SAP offers endless scalability no matter how big or small your firm is. Business Objects helps structure your organization and take strategic decisions at the right time.

Now, let us look at some disadvantages of Business Objects:

1. BO requires a Number of Servers

Extensive hardware is one of the major requirements of Business Objects. For example, a CA service desk will require 4 servers. Additionally, server maintenance costs and other administrative costs can quickly add up and exceed your budget.

2. Business Objects is NOT Business User-Friendly.

BO is a developer platform; therefore, organizations will need highly skilled individuals to operate SAP Business Objects. If you have not set up an IT department, then outsourcing this function can be an added cost.

3. Upgrading SAP BO is Difficult

Organizations often complain about BO being too difficult to upgrade. According to a survey by, SAP proves to be the most difficult when it comes to data migration. Moreover, businesses using Business Objects 3.1 are the majority who suffer from upgradation problems according Gartner survey.

Given the pros and cons, you may be leaning more towards the opposing side of BO, however, if you consider the long-term benefits, SAP Business Objects is one of the most effective and efficient enterprise solutions, helping businesses assess more opportunities today. Why opt out of implementing Business Objects now and jeopardize your future progress. Sign up for Business Objects training from ExistBI now and learn why the benefits of SAP BO outweigh its cons.

Business Objects Training Pros and Cons

ExistBI is the leading Business Objects training provider around the globe. ExistBI has brought together the business and IT industry by providing impeccable products and solutions designed to enhance the decision making processes and improve the overall experience of doing business in the modern, technology-driven world. They do this through experienced and certified SAP / Business Objects professionals. They deliver quality products, services and solutions that are affordable.

Here are some of the training modules provided by ExistBI, in relation to SAP Business Objects:

o Business Objects Dashboards
o Webi Intelligence Training (Basic & Advance Report Designing)
o Business Objects Information Design and BI Universe Design Tool
o BI Dashboards / Xcelsius
o Business Objects Security and Administration
o Business Objects BI Platform (Most Common Practices)

Now you can conduct your day-to-day operations with more confidence. For more information, visit You can also contact us on +1 866 965 6332 (Canada / US) or +44 (0) 207 554 8568 (UK / Europe).


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