Informatica PowerCenters are warehouses where data is stored. This stored data can then be accessed and utilized as and when needed for critical decision-making.  PowerCenter training thus enables IT personnel to create data warehouses with ease and contribute to the key areas in their enterprise.

Career Scope

IT specialists who successfully complete PowerCenter training are responsible for creating customized information system and data warehouses. They are able to understand the data requirements of their firms, and design, develop and assemble components into a customized data storage system. They can create functional and technical designs, models, components, codes, unit tests and documents and deliverables. These trained individuals can work in internal and external billable service areas and implementation environment and apply their technical skills accordingly.

PowerCenter training enables one to get trained in and adopt any of the following job profiles:

  • Developer
  • Consultant
  • Administrator
  • Analyst
  • Project Manager

Through PowerCenter training, IT specialists are able to access job opportunities that demand the knowledge and skill to use Informatica tools for data warehousing solutions.

Looking for PowerCenter training opportunities?  ExistBI has specially designed courses to set your career on the right path. We can provide you both online or onsite training.

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