Leverage the power of technology, knowledge and skills to triumph Big Data projects without hassle. Discover pioneering ways to spot patterns and trends, streamline workflow operations and boost your return on investment with existing client base.

In the Data Integration Consultants Training Classes, you will:

  • Recognize up-and-coming solutions suitable for particular challenges.
  • Utilize existing technology to cut down costs yet stay competitive.
  • Instead of hiring 3rd party consultants, erect in-house experience and skills.
  • Understand the ways in which market leaders conduct data integration.

While updating yourself about the market trends is essential, you need complimenting skills to make it all work.

To master data management and integration skills, this is what you will learn:

  • Import targets, sources, lookups
  • Create transforming mappings
  • Implementation of paramount practices
  • Employ reusable mapplets and transformations
  • Use debugger software to fix errors and bugs
  • Execute and supervise sessions and workflows

Specialize data integration, governance, migration, quality and management solutions.

Join the course to improve accuracy, reduce costs, and overcome faults.


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