It can be challenging to collect, interpret and analyze data, and then transform it into meaningful information. Moreover, with the growing business complexities, data integration has become more important to tackle challenges. This is where you need data integration consultants.

Data integration is the blend of business and technical processes that is used to combine data from various sources into valuable and meaningful information. This way you and your business and will be able to fuel effective analytics and streamline business processes.

Data integration solutions are necessary to:

  • Retain profitable clientele
  • Enhance application quality
  • Reduce costs associated with data
  • Govern and leverage data to drive information and formulate results
  • Get the right data for effective analytics and for greater insights

Data integration consultants help in:

  1. Accessing data
  2. Integrating data
  3. Delivery of integrated data
  4. Big data management

ExistBI are the leading data integration consultants providing an array of services and solutions in the UK, US, Canada and European countries. We ensure that our clients get up-to-date services through latest tools and techniques including:

  1. Advanced Data Transformation
  2. Data Integration Hub
  3. Connectors (PowerExchange)
  4. B2B Data Exchange
  5. Real-Time Integration
  6. PowerCenter

To learn more, visit or call on +44(0)207 554 8568 (UK / EU) or +1 800 280 4376 (US/CND).


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