Data Integration for Businesses – The Need and Benefits

You may not be one of the big shots as far as your organization is concerned – you may not be the one who determines the long-term goals of the company, writes the checks or puts the organization on the right track for growth and expansion. Nonetheless, employees handling the most crucial components of a business including human resources, administration, IT, and a range of other departments still have an imperative role to play to streamline the processes and help in building a strategy that eventually takes the company from where it currently is to where it aims to be.

Being part of one such department, it must be in your job description to ensure maximum efficiency for the business which means that you are in charge of optimizing the processes in a manner that utilizes the available resources and gets the most out of them in terms of performance and productivity. As such, it is imperative to ensure you save as much money for the company as possible. And when it comes to saving money for the business, there is hardly anything that beats data integration.

Once all of the information relevant to your business comes on a single platform, it will never be a hassle for you to work on those sales presentations and you will always be ready for meetings with your valued clients, among other things. However, being in the HR or IT department, you are unable to take the decision to deploy such processes for the business all by yourself. It is imperative to make your seniors realize the importance and benefits of integration before it can be implemented. And for that, you are going to have to get your hands on as much information about it as you can in order to successfully justify the implementation of integration of data and everything that comes with it.

The scope of this article is to highlight the need and the benefits associated with the process.

The Need for Integration of Data

The primary reason why integration of data would be a commendable idea is that it would make things as easy as they will ever get for the business. All of the employees of the organization, including yourself, are used to making the presentations, attending the sales meetings, generating reports, and handling the clients on a regular basis. There is a myriad of clients, team members, and even other companies that you partner with and have professional relationships with. Once all of the information related to all the players and processes, that is indispensable for smooth operations of the organization, is stored on a single platform, it becomes remarkably easier to find and extract information on demand without having to waste a huge chunk of your precious time.

A Glimpse into Data Integration in Action

The primary purpose of a reliable software for the integration of data is to take all the business information that is available on different software and merge all of it to bring it on a single platform. It goes without saying that regardless of the size of your business, there certainly will be different tools in action for faster operations. For instance, the information regarding the deals which are going on or have been finalized with the clients may currently be stored in PipeDrive. Similarly, you might be using a tool like Cvent to keep all the information regarding your event’s guest list in one place. For invoicing or accounting purposes, the company might be making use of a software like QuickBooks. As you can see, there are a number of tools in action which streamline the processes of a business. However, it would never be a preferable, or at least a convenient, option for all of the employees to have to access each tool individually every time they need a certain chunk of information. With the implementation of a data integration solution, all of this information will be stored on a single platform which will make it available and accessible to the authorized personnel within seconds, whenever they need it.

Discovering the Benefits

As evident from the information mentioned above, the major benefits that the organization will be able to relish are time-saving and efficiency. Instead of wasting a lot of time looking for specific chunks of business information, that time can now be invested in other aspects of the business which have a direct impact on better performance and productivity. It is preferable even for the clients since they will no longer have to wait for hours before they can be provided with the information that they asked for. What’s more is that since the information is synchronized, a change in any of it, such as in an email ID, would no longer require you to log into each software separately in order to modify the information everywhere. In simpler words, the integration of data means making processes automated and quick instead of manual and time-consuming.

Take-Home Message

Now that you are familiar with how integration can help the business and have the relevant information at your disposal, you are ready to make the presentation and get your seniors onboard with regards to the implementation of such a solution. All you have to do is present the above-mentioned information to them, among other factors that benefit your business. Rest assured, presenting this idea to your boss is bound to get you a few performance points and the business the boost it needs to reach the sky!

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