Your organization’s data is your most important asset and you need it to store and manage it properly. The experts at ExistBi informatica consulting enable different business organizations to access, combine, administer, implement, and store data. Our team of competent and dedicated professionals provides critical support to organizations in terms of data management that is strategizing, implementing, integrating, and storing. Our informatica consulting comprises of the following area:

  • Enterprise Reporting & Business Analytics
  • Integration
  • Data Quality
  • Data Warehouse
  • SAP Platform
  • CRM Data Migration & Integration
  • Supply Chain Management Data Migration & Integration

We provide informatica consulting services to a diverse clientele in US, Canada, United Kingdom, Europe and Middle East. We have a wide range of informatica products and solutions to fit each customer’s needs. We have the capability to:

  • Design a dedicated data warehouse  for you
  • Deploy and integrate the appropriate informatica products
  • Implement procedures efficiently
  • Leverage your business intelligence
  • Empower your decision makers through data  analytics

Thus, ExistBi is the best solution to all your data integration and management needs.

Visit and learn more about how ExistBi’s informatica consulting services can help you master your data management needs and leverage your business.


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