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You cannot just wake up one day and take an important decision at the office that will take you to the top of your career. You need to work for it, every moment leading up to that day. In fact, you may just find yourself competing for a senior position if you put in that extra work and show your bosses that you are in it for the long haul. If you are looking for something to put on your resume that will make you a more attractive candidate/employee in front of your potential/current employers, you need to go for our SAP Business Objects training.

Business intelligence is the current buzz in the IT-dominated corporate world, therefore going for business intelligence software training is a smart move. Business intelligence (also referred to as BI) explains the use of technologies and software applications that are used for collecting, analyzing, integrating, and presenting a meaningful picture of an organization’s raw data. With the increasing competition and large amounts of data, businesses need actionable information in real time to make the right decisions and protect their market shares.

Why SAP BusinessObjects?

If you are in a position to influence the IT department at your organization and introduce business intelligence into the work infrastructure, you need to do it now. In addition to benefits to the business, it will allow you to take that extra credit for suggesting the deployment of a world-class business intelligence platform in the organization that will aid in faster and more informed decision-making.

SAP Business Objects BI solutions include front-end tools that allow business development executives to view, sort, and evaluate data to make meaningful decisions at the right time. Not every software provides you the flexibility, speed, scalability, and support needed to implement a new software system across the organization’s network. SAP BusinessObjects provides an analytics platform that not only competes with the best platforms in the world, but also provides attractive and meaningful visuals through thousands of querying possibilities. You do not need a lavish, high-tech infrastructure to support SAP BO, therefore you can reduce workload and IT costs, increase responsiveness, and drive better decision-making from users across the organization.

To be more specific, here are a few benefits of using SAP BusinessObjects BI solutions:

  • Business intelligence is at your fingertips in real-time
  • Increased autonomy through data exposure
  • Your chance at making information consumption plain, understandable, and personalized
  • Maximization of your ROI with the data resources that support the SAP Business Objects BI platform (from the planning phase to deployment)
  • Lumira and Crystal Reports – winning BI applications by SAP BO
  • SAP Data Services – One of the most complete and popular tools in the industry


SAP Business Objects Training – Your Gateway to Increased Visibility

Rapidly changing workplace dynamics may put you in a difficult position. With the increased competition and people understanding the importance of information technology in the corporate world, you need to be in charge of your future and be ready to learn new things. Data scientists and visualization experts have reached a rock star status, and you need to catch up to their pace, since the corporate world today jumps on the next big thing instantly, just to gain that competitive edge.

Business intelligence is not just work, but an art that is most effective with the right business intelligence tools. Would it not be fascinating to be the owner of those magic fingers that convert raw data into neat and actionable information?

With SAP BusinessObjects training, you are increasing your knowledge, skills, and your visibility with employers. You can work your way to a top position by showing the bosses how SAP BO can benefit their business. With proper training, you will be able to develop and interpret:

  • Highly customized scorecards
  • A wide variety of data visualizing options
  • Detailed reports
  • Interactive dashboards
  • Dashboard/Report hybrids called “dashport”
  • Data storyboards

10 Reasons Why SAP BusinessObjects Can Help You Be on Top of Your Game

  1. Tools for All Uses
    • SAP Lumira – An agile data visualization tool
    • Web Intelligence – for analysis, reporting, and ad-hoc queries
    • SAP Design Studio – Everything from OLAP applications to guided analytics and dashboards, along with HTML-5 interface and iPad support
    • SAP Crystal Reports – for clean and attractive reporting
    • SAP Predictive Analysis – helping you visualize the future by harnessing the power of HANA and what-if scenarios
  2. SAP ERP and NetWeaver BW Connectivity – Gain direct access to BEx, and create multi-source, relational connections to InfoCubes
  3. Business Intelligence Launch Pad dedicated to enterprise BI
  4. Systems and Security Administration – Manage security through CMC (Central Management Console)
  5. Mobile BI – SAP BO 4.1 synchronizes with the SAP BO platform
  6. Scalable Architecture – Accommodate varied number of users through cloning and clustering of servers
  7. SAP Data Services – ETL processes and information management at its best
  8. SAP BO Universe – Patented semantic layer for gaining access to data sources. Moreover, mature set of functions and features make it ideal for reporting.
  9. SAP HANA Connectivity – Access Big Data with high speed and forecast your future with ease.
  10. Web intelligence – This globe’s leading analysis, reporting, and querying tool.

What Do You Need to Do Now?

You need to log into your computer and search for SAP Business Objects training providers near you. It is not easy to take out time for something new but when it is your future that is at stake, you need to be proactive and take steps to achieve your goals. Once you have shortlisted a few names, do a bit of homework to opt for the most knowledgeable training provider. Getting taught by the best and learning everything there is to know about the software and its processes may just help you pave your way to a successful future.

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