Overrating business intelligence is not possible. While there are many reasons and success stories to prove this statement, the most common answer you are going to get from professionals is, “Business intelligence is the future, and the only way to succeed in today’s fierce competition”. Whether you are a CEO of a company, a manager, or a freelance business development specialist, the main culture spread across any company is that of building a strong competitive force to fight for the market share. Microstrategy Desktop can help a company secure this advantage in much less than they could have imagined, and this is why it is a preferred choice.

What is Microstrategy Desktop?

Microstrategy is an analytics software for SMBs and enterprises that offer phenomenal data mobility in addition to other magical features that could help a company formulate new strategies and identify new growth opportunities. Making sure that every investment opportunity offers the best outcomes is not possible unless you analyze it from different dimensions, and Microstrategy Desktop helps you in doing this much more easily and quickly.


MicroStrategy Desktop offers:

  1. Enterprise Reporting
  2. In-built Tool Set and Templates
  3. Fascinating Dashboards
  4. Data Discovery
  5. Connection to 70+ Data Sources
  6. Mobile Productivity
  7. Advanced Analytics
  8. Real-time Telemetry
  9. Custom Visualizations and Support
  10. Easy Data Cleaning

The best part about Microstrategy Desktop is that it is totally free, whereas if you compare the other products in the market, it will cost you over $400. Therefore, Microstrategy can help analyze data, create visuals and understand big data patterns without burning a hole in your wallet.

A Sneak Peek at the Forrester Wave Report


The Forrester Wave Report on “Enterprise Business Intelligence Platforms With Majority On-Premises Deployments” for the 3rd quarter of 2017 shows that Microstrategy is a leading contender for data discovery, analytics, and visualization amongst three others while the rest pose a tough competition. Moreover, the report also mentioned that with the current trend towards hosted data, and hence the popularity of Cloud, the majority of the market offerings now included Cloud data integration in their portfolio so it was not to be treated as a separate feature.

Evaluating 15 competitors on 22 dimensions, the report showed that Microstrategy topped the leaderboard with full vendor participation; however, the lack of market presence lowered its ability to compete with IBM and SAP. On the other hand, TIBCO Software proved to be a strong performer that was leaning into the leading position.

Overall, the report showed that Microstrategy Desktop, due to reliance on database management systems (DBMS) for optimization and query processing purely, shows more assumptions that are realistic. Moreover, the ability to perform difficult heterogeneous joins among a number of DBMSs and support the drill-anywhere capability made it a highly scalable and powerful ROLAP. In short, the company is performing much better since it closed its other market offerings, focusing completely on business intelligence.

You can access the full report here:

Why Is Microstrategy Desktop a Freelancer’s Dream Come True?


Software that offers highly professional services at zero cost would be anyone’s dream come true. Paying up for a demo version is hard enough, and in today’s harsh economy, the freelancing business has prevailed quite a lot. Microstrategy Desktop offers data analytics and visualization for free, which makes it highly attractive for freelancers who do not have the resources to open up or hire an office space for business. The highly scalable functions.of Microstrategy allow freelancers to earn more money by offering their expertise to multiple companies at a time, without compromising their data security.

Do You Need Microstrategy Training?

The integration of over 70 data sources already makes Microstrategy a preferred choice for the business sector. If you have a passion for IT and business development, you now have the opportunity to enroll yourself in Microstrategy training and expand your portfolio of skills. The different features of Microstrategy Desktop have enabled users to spend less time on reporting and forecasts, and focus more on the core responsibilities.

The presence of Microstrategy is still not as wide as it should be, therefore, striking while the iron is hot can help you step up the career ladder and show the bosses your unique set of skills and expertise. Business growth is always a weak point for business executives and investors, and you can act on it to make your dreams come true, with Microstrategy training.

Our Recommendation


Exist Management LLC (ExistBI) is the certified and leading business intelligence systems development, IT solutions, and Microstrategy Desktop training provider around the globe.

Exist Management LLC has brought together the business and IT industry by providing impeccable products and solutions designed to enhance the decision-making processes and improve the overall experience of doing business in this modern, technology-driven world. They understand the importance of data to a business.

It offers top-notch SAP BI, Informatica, and other services to help your business grow to extreme heights without taking unexpected (wrong) turns. With ExistBI, you can learn any business intelligence system software through experienced and certified software company professionals and representatives.

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