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The advent of the late 20th century was accompanied by massive technological breakthroughs that changed many aspects of our day-to-day lives, especially how we ran our businesses! Technology has made it possible to capture information in a way that was never imagined before, allowing individuals and corporations alike to make better decisions and ameliorate their daily lives. However, while it’s true that big data and business intelligence opened up remarkable opportunities for enterprises to improve their decision-making, the whole process, which involved setting up on-premise systems, installing applications, maintenance and management, and so on, was quite costly. That is until the world came to know about the wonders of cloud technology!

Having nothing to do with the weather, cloud technology allows IT infrastructures to be constructed off-premise (particularly on data centers) – they can be accessed and taken advantage of using just an internet connection. Due to the amazing economic benefits, more and more businesses are investing in cloud training classes and preparing their workforces in various services like Informatica Cloud, Microsoft Azure, and Amazon AWS.

Cloud-hosted business intelligence applications can provide the same level of functionality to your organization as on-premise software; however, they do have certain advantages which aren’t offered by the latter type. From lowering costs to guaranteeing security, there are many ways in which you can benefit from embracing the wonders of the cloud. In this article, we will discuss the amazing ways in which you can benefit by getting yourself and your workforce trained for cloud applications and go big! Let’s get started.

The Benefits of Cloud Training

Cuts Down Costs

The first and the foremost advantage of learning how to use cloud-based BI applications and then implementing them in your organization is that you’ll be able to cut down costs significantly. Traditional systems that are installed on-premises can be extremely costly as they may require changing existing applications, purchasing new systems/overall upgrading, and so on. Whereas with cloud applications, you don’t need to trouble yourself over these matters as everything will be performed outside the premises of your organization. The initial cost of implementing cloud-based services is relatively very low and there are no maintenance costs! Hence, by shifting to the cloud, you’ll be saving yourself a great deal of cash.

Ensures Better Security of Data

Apart from saving costs, another major benefit of moving to the cloud is that it will ensure much better security of your organization’s data. Since data on the cloud can be accessed by authorized personnel remotely via some form of network connectivity, some people are under the impression that it poses more security risks. This belief is entirely wrong, however, because all cloud hosts follow very strict security protocol and their primary job is to ensure that the data of their clients remain safe at all times. Whereas with on-premise systems, there are many IT-related concerns which organizations have to deal with, which is why they are often not able to pay much attention to security.

Provides Greater Flexibility

Cloud technology was developed keeping in mind flexibility in terms of IT-related requirements, which brings us towards the next benefit of learning how to use and implementing cloud-based applications. With on-premise or local applications/systems, you are basically stuck with the same level of resources for extended periods of times. In simple terms, you cannot tweak your resources according to your changing requirements without undergoing heavy and costly changes. On the other hand, the cloud lets you change your requirements (bandwidth, etc.) in a matter of minutes, providing you with a greater level of flexibility.

Allows Collaboration with Ease

A big challenge of business intelligence is keeping the entire team on the same page. Difficulties in accessing data and sharing information across the organization could pose some serious challenges in terms of collaboration. Fortunately, all the cloud-based applications can be easily accessed remotely by authorized personnel, saving a great deal of time and ensuring better decision-making with improved collaboration. Moreover, your team members can share information with absolute ease since the interfaces of most cloud BI applications are user-friendly. We are not saying that collaboration is impossible without the cloud – what we are implying is that it becomes difficult and costly!

To Conclude…

Considering all of the amazing benefits that you can reap from cloud training, we can safely conclude that it’s the next big (and necessary) step towards your success! Do some research on the vendors and consult a professional to determine which solution would be best suited for your organization. Finally, look for a reliable training institute that will teach you and your team members all there is to know about cloud-based applications. Best of luck!

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