How to Become a Tableau Consultant 2017

Sometimes even an unexpected turn can lead you towards a rewarding path. Don’t you agree?

If you look back at your choice of going to college or pursuing higher education, it might just be your reason to get out of your parents’ house at that time, but looking at yourself right now, you must be feeling proud of yourself for taking the right step towards building your career.

So, if you have just finished college or graduated with an IT degree, it is the right time to plan on how to kick-start your career. If you are curious about how to become a Tableau consultant, this post can help you reach there.

Tableau – Leading Your Business Towards Excellence!

Starting with data visualization products in 2003, Tableau has come far and kept up with modern day requirements to equip its customers with competitive and effective solutions. Tableau now offers business intelligence solutions and smart data visualization tools to provide corporates with the opportunity to take faster and better-informed decisions.

Tableau – Leading Your Business Towards Excellence

Moreover, as Big Data has entered the market, companies need better data management tools and even better visualizations to identify the opportunities any dynamic market, whether local or foreign, has to offer. In addition to providing valuable information about the market, Tableau also provides insights that are actionable.

Tableau has been regarded as a “highly intuitive visual experience” in a data analytics guide. IT specialists propose Tableau to new and small businesses as an asset that will lead them to their success. Do you still think you need to do something else?

Tableau Consultant – How To Become One?

If you really want to build your career in the fields of data and business intelligence, but find yourself questioning, “how to become a Tableau consultant”; rest assured your journey towards your goal will be a smooth sail.

To begin with, you need to download a free version of Tableau (Tableau Public). If you are not a fan of manuals then start experimenting, but if you need a guide, the online manuals are the best way to navigate through the different options in Tableau. Bring in data sets, start making tables, analyze and apply visualizations. Try different combinations, and try to avoid generalizations, which may help you learn more quickly about how capable Tableau is.

how to become a Tableau consultant

Generally, all BI consultants have sound business knowledge, along with an impressive knowledge about IT. The report that is delivered to businesses usually includes information that will help the business take informed decisions. Therefore, learning the needs of your customers / clients or managers will help you understand the ultimate goal of a business intelligence software.

You need to create demand for your services. Showcasing examples of your work on Tableau Public not only allows you to demonstrate your ability, but also impresses your audience with unique and interesting visualizations that can help them see a different picture of a general scenario. Being an active member of Tableau Community is also a great way to stay close to your audience or the Tableau customer base, and actively look for opportunities.

The Alternative Path to Winning Tableau Consultancy Work

Most people search for easy ways to earn money, but the reality is that there isn’t any. You need to make an effort if you want to achieve your goals. If you are an avid blogger, then there is no better way to market your services and expertise than using the blogging medium.

You can even enroll in a professional training institute to learn about Tableau, and its different modules. It can also help you in building a network with professionals, as well as potential customers.

 The Alternative Path to Winning Tableau Consultancy Work

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