Tableau Consultants – How to Become an Expert in the Business Intelligence Arena

“Intelligence” – What comes to your mind when you hear or read this word? A list of some common things that may pop up in a person’s mind might include progress, power, creativity, and the ability to perform and reaching new horizons, among other things. To sum it up, it is the one thing that will help you succeed in all stages of life. It is for this reason that organizations try to seek intelligence in any possible form.

Understanding the Magnitude of Business Intelligence

In today’s world, information is power. Business Intelligence (or BI) is the key element that organizations, both governmental or private, rely on to accurately assess the situation they are in before they make required decisions or changes. BI is a combination of technology, people, and protocols used for collecting, integrating, presenting, and analyzing crucial information regarding a business.

From collecting internal information which may include the rate of production, sales performance, employee retention, and stock management, to external information such as your competitor’s performance in the market and the behavior of your consumers, business intelligence systems do it all. They allow managers to conveniently gather all such data in a single platform in order to interpret it easily and make decisions accordingly.

Tableau – The Hottest Business Intelligence Tool in the Market

Gathering data is just one of the many aspects of BI. Without visualizing and presenting your data in a meaningful way, your managers are going to have a hard time making quick decisions that could make or break your business. This is why the demand for people who possess skills in the arena of studying and analyzing data is on the rise. All organizations that manage ‘Big Data’ are willing pay a fortune to hire BI tool-savvy people. Although it is not right to label a single business intelligence tool as the best, almost anyone would agree that the brilliant data visualization and analytics software, “Tableau,” tops the list.

It is estimated that, by 2020, the world will produce 50 times the amount of data it did in 2011. With that soaring figure, the sky-high demand for tableau consultants will also increase remarkably. So, right now would be a good time to utilize your talent and enter a promising career. If you possess a flair for managing and presenting data and would like to excel in your analytics career, then becoming a Tableau consultant might just be the best career decision you ever make.

Golden Question: How to Become a Tableau Consultant

Before proceeding to start a new profession, a smart person would ask the right questions. In this case, a smart data scientist would ask themselves how to go about becoming a good Tableau consultant. While the journey is going to be slow, remember that at the end of the day, it is going to reward you with a job that will pay really well, substantially increase your demand in the market, and most importantly, give you the opportunity to do what you love every day.

Sounds good? The following tips on how to become a Tableau consultant will definitely help you kick-start your career:

Become Tableau Certified

Certifications look good on your resume, and show that you mean business. In order to become a Tableau certified professional, you will have to attend a formal training course to brush up your skills or learn everything from scratch, and take formal Tableau certification exams to show your level of skill.

Work with Tableau as Much as Possible

Remember: Practice makes perfect. While this classic cliché might cause you to roll your eyes, one simply cannot put enough emphasis on the importance of having hands-on experience. So, no matter how many online or traditional classes you took on Tableau (assuming that you took any at all), without adequate, hands-on experience you will find Tableau difficult. So, gather data from the internet and practice as much as possible. Find new and creative ways to visualize your data every day and flex your Tableau muscles.

Publish and Show the World

Creating an online portfolio of your work is a crucial step in becoming a professional Tableau consultant. A great platform to showcase your work is Tableau Public, where Tableau enthusiasts share their creativity and skills with the whole world. This would allow all future recruiters or clients to get a quick idea of your level of proficiency and professionalism. So, work on as many projects as possible and publish them for the whole world to see.

Brush Up Your Presentation Skills

A good way to practice communicating your Tableau visualizations is to prepare the stats of all the future projects assigned to you in your current organization. While this step might seem like an odd step, as well as an optional one, to some, it will prove to be very important in your journey to become a Tableau consultant who is serious about their career. It helps you to get honest critique and suggestions from your fellow colleagues and managers on ways to improve your work.

Becoming a Tableau consultant can greatly improve your worth in the market. So why wait? Follow the steps mentioned above and excel at what you do!

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