How IBM Cognos Training Benefits your Organization

The world of business is one which is constantly evolving. The tactics which were previously employed to stay on top, have now changed markedly, and probably will change again in the next couple of years. Right now, however, most businesses are using the power of data to gather information which then helps them in their decision-making. To help this process, business intelligence tools have been developed by offering IBM Cognos training to your employees, you are ensuring a guaranteed rise in your productivity and profitability.

IBM Cognos is a business intelligence tool that has numerous components, all of which are associated with manipulating data. These components offer varied functions to businesses and here are the ways by which these different components work to offer the best results.

IBM Cognos Insight

Once data has been transferred into the system, the goal is to use it to further understand the trends which are being shown through the data. By offering training on this subject, your employees will have the knowledge necessary to plan forward and explore new strategies that can then be further relayed to managers.

IBM Cognos Workspace and Advanced Workspace

With the advancements in technology, one thing which has become increasingly simple is working on the same project without having to be physically in the same space.

IBM Cognos Workspace allows a group of people to be part of an interactive workspace that they can use to again, explore options and make decisions. Comments can be added, content can be played with and the best part is, everyone who has access to the workspace will stay in the loop. A similar component, called Advanced Workspace does the same thing but offers some more features such as writing reports.

Through these features, your team can save an immense amount of time, not to mention see better results through better visualization of data.

IBM Cognos Analysis and Report Studio

Another thing that businesses can no longer live without is proper data analysis and thorough reports, detailing information in a clear-cut and comprehensive manner. With the help of the above-mentioned components, this has also become much simpler, with the reports being based on visualization rather than long text which can get extremely tedious to read.

Creating reports and analyzing data are difficult tasks if sufficient knowledge regarding the topic is not available, however, after going through IBM Cognos training, your employees will be well-equipped with information and can easily complete these tasks without any hesitation or hold up.

Other components also exist:

  • IBM Cognos Connection- acts as the connection needed to work on the transferred content.
  • IBM Cognos Event Studio- can be used for event management
  • IBM Cognos Metric Studio
  • IBM Cognos for Microsoft Office- used to work on content through Microsoft Office, which is normally something people are more familiar with.

Though businesses don’t offer training in all these components, there is a definite need to know how to use certain components of IBM Cognos, depending on your business’s needs.


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