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The world that we know today is fast developing in a direction where the less competent players will soon see themselves folding their businesses and heading home. The other category will comprise of those businesses that will change with time, adopting technology and using business intelligence and data integration tools to fight their way into the top competition. If you have been resisting the change, you are certainly going downhill. Informatica Corporation can put you back on the map.


What is Informatica Corporation?

Founded in 1993 by Diaz Nesamoney and Gaurav Dhillon, Informatica Corporation is a software company with headquarters in Redwood City, In California, USA.  Informatica is a consolidation and management tool that helps you make informed business decisions, based on a huge set of facts and figures that are not just extracted from somewhere specific in an organization, but from the entire organization. It also connects you to the world, increasing your efficiency and effectiveness by making more decisions that are knowledgeable.

With revenue reaching above $1,047 million in 2014 (according to the latest published results), Informatica is fast growing by educating the industry about the importance of business intelligence and data integration.

Informatica Corporation’s Product Portfolio

  • Data Integration (The ETL Process): Extract, Transform and Load
  • Business-To-Business Data Exchange
  • Information Lifecycle Management
  • Cloud Computing Integration
  • Data Masking
  • Data Quality
  • Complex Event Processing
  • Data Replication
  • Data Virtualization
  • Ultra Messaging
  • Master Data Management

What Informatica Corporation Can Do For You?

A business is always driven in a specific direction. That is, every business will have a strategic direction and a corporate objective to achieve, for which it will follow a strategy that may be cost leadership, differentiation, etc. Working on this strategy and aligning individual goals to meet the bigger targets, companies today opt for business intelligence software that will reduce customer churn, optimize marketing and sales results, all while improving other outcomes.


The products from Informatica Corporation’s portfolio offer quality data analytics, however there is a lot that you need to consider before you make your decision. The characteristics by which you can judge quality analytics is through big data sets and a platform that manages that data fast and efficiently. The greater the complexity, the harder it gets to integrate data and deliver a quality report to your directors. Moreover, the purpose and cost of implementation to your business and the benefits you seek must be taken into consideration before you invest into the idea of business intelligence.

With today’s competitive forces, businesses need to take immediate actions, and for this to happen, effective data integration and management is needed. This means data needs to be stored on the premises, whether a company opts for cloud or physical data warehouses. Overall, the key is to manage data as a whole, so that it can be delivered quickly and empower the business users to manage data using self-service tools.

Do You Need Training For This Change?


It is often difficult to get the information required with just a click, but Informatica has empowered individuals to connect, coordinate, relate and push data quickly along the cycle without interruption. However, with a new system such as Informatica in place, executing your day-to-day functions will involve a bit of training to understand the workflow and how the systems to aid in providing intelligent business information.

Today, consultants certified by Informatica Corporation offer Informatica training packages to businesses so that the transition to a BI-powered workplace is as smooth as possible.

Where Do You Stand Right Now?


Right now, you stand in the majority who is still depending on past sales records and common information about the economy, which does not benefit the SMBs to the extent they expect. Reading this article, you will definitely understand where you stand in the market currently and what needs to be done to get that competitive edge to progress. The Informatica Corporation has over 5000 companies on its list of customers therefore if you are confused about hiring the wrong firm for your support, you do not need to!

Informatica offers businesses the opportunity to fight for their share in the market and become the market leaders, similar to the corporate firms who have been using this software to take their business to a supreme level.

Our Recommendation


Exist Management LLC (ExistBI) is a certified and leading business intelligence systems development, IT solutions, and training provider around the globe. Exist Management LLC has brought together the business and IT industry (like Informatica Corporation) by providing impeccable products and solutions designed to enhance the decision-making processes and improve the overall experience of doing business in this modern, technology-driven world. They understand the importance of data to a business.

It offers top-notch SAP BI, Informatica, and other services to help your business grow to extreme heights without taking unexpected (wrong) turns. With ExistBI, you can learn any business intelligence system software through experienced and certified software company professionals and representatives.

Now you can conduct your day-to-day operations with more confidence. For more information, visit You can also contact us on +1 866 965 6332 (Canada / US) or +44 (0) 207 554 8568 (UK / Europe).


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