On-going learning and training always keep you up-to-date on current matters. It is just like you need continuous learning and practice when you are in the medical profession. Similarly, you need to stay ahead of the changes in the IT industry to tackle the challenges more efficiently.

The software platform trending these days is ‘Informatica’ – a leading big data management and ETL tool. If you have not heard of this and are looking forward to a career in IT, then Informatica developer training can be a door of opportunities.

Informatica developer training will help you know your way around the Informatica PowerCenter 9.x in 2 stages i.e.:

  • PowerCenter 9.x – Developer Training – 1
  • PowerCenter 9.x – Developer Training – 2

You will learn through:

  • Real time case study discussions
  • Study material provided with links to the blog posts, books, and videos to learn more about Informatica.

Throughout the level one course, you will learn how workbench tools can be used to create, schedule, execute and monitor the daily ETL processes. The level 2 course will help you understand more critical functions like SQL transformation, transaction control transformation, session and workflow recovery, including mapping design, methodologies etc.

ExistBI is a renowned business and IT firm that offers Informatica developer training to equip individuals with the skills in demand. Visit www.existbi.com.


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