Data management is lately a matter of discussion at every corporate table around the world. To tackle the upcoming challenges of data management, security, and migration, businesses need to come up with solutions that can resolve data problems quickly and efficiently. With Informatica around, the solution is visible but the difficult part is its accessibility. Informatica PowerCenter training can be your key to unlocking the potential of Informatica at your firm.

Informatica PowerCenter is the main component of Informatica that helps explore the capabilities of Informatica, send queries, come up with meaningful information, define parameters, learn to map, define different user data transactions etc. All in all, Informatica PowerCenter training helps you to play with data in numerous ways to present information that is useful and time-relevant in running the business.

Learning Informatica PowerCenter can enable you to assist a business with developing data warehouses, data integration, data migration, and master data management (MDM) amongst other functions.

Informatica PowerCenter training comprises of five major Informatica training categories:

  1. Informatica PowerCenter: Developer I (10.x)
  2. Informatica PowerCenter: Developer II (10.x)
  3. Informatica PowerCenter: Administration (10.x)
  4. Informatica PowerCenter: Operations & Support (10.x)
  5. Informatica PowerCenter: Workshop on Performance Tuning

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