Informatica PowerCenter Training

If you have already been a part of the Informatica family, you must know what its capabilities are and why Informatica is the leading ETL tool around the globe. However, just acquiring the basic knowledge and skills is not going to help you take the next step in your career. You still need to polish your skills and expand your capabilities with Informatica. What you need is Informatica PowerCenter training.

As Informatica is already known to help businesses enjoy win-win situations by minimizing their regrets and maximizing their profits based on decisions derived from complete, accurate, disparate, meaningful, and timely information, work still needs to be done to help continue this path. Informatica PowerCenter training provides its trainees with in-depth information and skills to keep the data ETL processes running smooth and reducing the chance of glitches in the system, which could bring the day-to-day business operations to a halt.

With Informatica PowerCenter training, you will learn the following, in addition to a variety of other techniques and processes:

      • Data Warehousing
      • Metadata
      • OLAP
      • OLTP
      • Operations & Support
      • Maintenance
      • Data Structuring
      • Mapping

ExistBI offers Informatica PowerCenter training through certified and experienced Informatica experts to help grasp the concepts, acquire the skills and exercise them at the workplace in an effective manner. Visit for more information.


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