Sometimes not knowing something completely can contribute to big mistakes. In the practical world, playing to your strengths is the key to achieving success, so why not apply this formula on your life?

Are you a person that is interested in business and IT but not sure where to start from? Do not worry because Informatica PowerCenter training can be the start of your career path.

Yes, Informatica PowerCenter!

Informatica is known to be the most powerful data ETL tool to get knowledge and hands-on experience in something that is in demand and can take you far ahead in reaching your goals. Informatica PowerCenter is the nerve center of Informatica from where all queries are generated and processes are initiated.

Data management has now become the key to operating smartly and efficiently. With the implementation of Teradata (data warehouse), you cannot achieve the end results you want with Informatica. Informatica PowerCenter is a standard for high-performance, highly scalable data integration for big enterprises, which can help implement one single approach to accessing, transferring and delivering data within or beyond the enterprise network without heavy encoding.

ExistBI’s Informatica PowerCenter training can help you acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to get your hands dirty in a complex enterprise structure where data integration, movement, quality as well as security is highly emphasized. Moreover, you will learn about:

  • Informatica concepts
  • Data warehouse
  • Metadata
  • OLTP
  • OLAP

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