Informatica Training – The Next Step in Conquering Data

The world we’re living in is constantly undergoing changes. Keeping all things aside, running a successful business means having to keep up with these changes. There is no doubt that modern technology has eased many aspects of our difficult lives. However, at the same time, it has also subjected the pressure of always being up on our toes in order to stay ahead of the competition. One of those “subjected pressures” include having to gather, process, and then utilize the massive oceans of data that are produced as a result of the never-ending changes that the world goes through on a day-to-day basis.

Thankfully for us, there are certain platforms and software which allow us to easily manage, control, and harness the power of data. Informatica, a well-renowned software development company, specializes in producing such platforms. In the year 2017, the total number of worldwide Informatica users was estimated to be well over 7000, which goes to show that this vendor is the number one choice of many enterprises! And due to its rapidly growing popularity, many businesses and individuals are investing in Informatica training these days.

In this article, we will discuss what Informatica is, the products it has to offer, and how getting yourself trained on using its products is the very next step in having absolute control over data. So, if you are interested, then keep reading!

A Brief Introduction of Informatica

Founded in 2003, Informatica is a software development company with a focus on producing data integration and cloud data management platforms for enterprises. The very essence of every Informatica product is to create a world where every single individual and organization can have full control over the data available at their disposal. By doing so, the company aims at creating a Utopia for data analysts and business managers!

Informatica’s Products

Currently, the company is offering the following products:

Informatica PowerCenter – A flagship product of Informatica which provides seamless ETL (extract, transform, load) capabilities to its users.

Informatica Cloud – Allows users to connect smoothly with various databases and applications, both on-premise and on-the-cloud.

Informatica Data Quality – Ensures delivery of high-quality data to various individuals and teams across an organization.

Informatica MDM (Master Data Management) – Manage the most crucial and organization-relevant data from a single point.

Diaku Axon Data Governance – Guarantees top-of-the-line data governance and superb integration.

Some more products include:

Informatica Application Retirement

Informatica Data Archive

Informatica Dynamic Data Masking

Informatica Enterprise Data Catalog…among others.

Benefits of Opting for Informatica Training

Considering that there is so much that an enterprise can accomplish in terms of managing data with Informatica’s products, it’s no surprise that so many organizations are investing in training these days. If you are still not sure as to why Informatica is the top choice for so many businesses, here are some tempting benefits that it has to offer:

Become Great at Data Integration

One of the most renowned solutions offered by Informatica is seamless data integration. An organization has to deal with different kinds of data on a daily basis. This data is collected from various sources which may be completely unrelated to one another. Extracting useful information from all of these sources separately can be time-consuming and extremely challenging. That’s where data warehousing technology comes into the picture. By using this technology, an organization can integrate data into a single platform. Getting trained in the art of Informatica PowerCenter and the rest of the family of Informatica’s Integration products can make this process significantly easier for your workforce.

Enjoy Data Handling on-the-Cloud

Another notable advantage which is offered by some of Informatica’s products is the ability to perform data management and integration on the cloud. Most modern systems are being made this way (i.e. on the cloud). Having all the heavy systems on the premises of your organization can be extremely costly. The initial cost of acquisition aside, there are maintenance and administrative costs to consider, all of which can add up to a hefty amount. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you move your BI processes to the cloud. By learning how to utilize Informatica’s products and then implementing them in your organization, you can easily embrace the wonders of cloud data integration and management.

Master, Master Data Management & Governance

We’ve already mentioned twice that a business may have to deal with data of various natures. However, there is a certain kind of data that is the most critical and is used for day-to-day operations. Called “Master Data”, it represents the core business objectives of an organization. Managing this particular data is a separate responsibility which personnel has to undertake. By getting the hang of Informatica MDM and the Informatica MDM – Product 360, you can definitely become a master of Master Data Management!

On the other hand, it is just as crucial to ensuring the quality of data that is communicated across the organization. For this purpose, the Diaku Axon Data Governance and Informatica Data Quality can help.


All things considered, there is not even a shred of doubt that by getting yourself trained on the different platforms of Informatica, you can easily conquer your data and lead your industry with adroit business intelligence!

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