5 Ways Investing In Informatica PowerCenter Training Is Helping Businesses Cut Costs in an Austere Economy

The survival and success of a business in today’s austere economy lies in proper and regular data management. Most businesses are not equipped to handle data management internally and have to rely on external solutions. However, investing in the Informatica PowerCenter training of their employees can help businesses to conserve and optimize their IT budget, cut costs and make their business agile.

Solid Facts Related to PowerCenter’s Capability to Reduce Costs

According to the TechValidate survey (2015), most of the customers of PowerCenter have been able to reduce their IT costs by 40%. That’s why 92% of organizations are likely to recommend Informatica PowerCenter.

5 Strong Reasons To Invest In Informatica PowerCenter Training

Power center training enables the IT staff of an enterprise to:

  • Scale data management and integration projects in a cost-effective manner.
  • Deliver five times faster results in comparison to hand-coded, traditional data management tools.
  • Reduce down-time and improve customers’ confidence in the business.
  • Reuse and apply the same skills and resources to other initiatives and projects without incurring extra costs.
  • Transform raw and disparate data into a cohesive, business-savvy information and optimize sales.

Getting your IT staff PowerCenter training can empower your business to cut costs and maximize profit. Discuss your PowerCenter training needs with the experts at ExistBI today:

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