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Informatica Powercenter

What first popped into your head when you read the words ‘Informatica Powercenter’? If you are like most people, and don’t know a lot about this type of training, you must have thought about a boring and brain numbing software which isn’t useful for anyone other than business owners. However, today, we aren’t going to be talking about the boring stuff. We aren’t just going to tell you how the software works and why it is beneficial. Before telling you about the factors that make it so valuable, it is important to look at it from all angles and understand what Informatica really is.


extract data information

Informatica, in simple, layman language is a tool that is used for the extraction of data. Sounds simple enough, doesn’t it? Informatica is actually an extraction tool that is responsible for data loading as well as data transformation. Though you may be a little confused at this point, things will start to clear. Informatica is a user-friendly tool that helps you in more ways than one. It can be used to design different flows of procedures and different processes with the help of flow charts. This process is called the mapping process. Informatica has a process flow of its own.

  1. First it helps extract data information from the source provided.
  2. It then transforms the data according to the standards set and,
  3. It loads the data to the destination database.


Like in any subject, you know that as you step on to the next level, the difficulties may increase but the basics will remain the same.

The Process

Now that you have some idea about what Informatica is, we know your interest is piqued so let’s talk about the advantages. The biggest one yet is that it deals as well as coordinates with not one but all types of data much like a mainframe would, types like IT, SAP, XML and RDBMS. It is also beneficial because it helps move this data to wherever you need it to go. This makes it very easy to move heaps of data rather effectively and productively.

Since the data in the mainframe is updated in small pieces, it makes it possible to avoid transactional logs. Informatica can also join data retrieved from several data sources at one time and if the data found is raw in nature, Informatica then helps to turn it into meaningful information that can be used productively. This extraction tool is effective in the market as it ensures that the data received is of high quality in nature.

Following are some of the facts regarding the company which has created Informatica.

  1. It was founded in 1993 in California.
  2. It is popular among an approximate of 3400 clients and this list also includes several Fortune 500 companies.
  3. It is the leading company in the field of data extraction.
data extraction

How Informatica Helps Your Career

Though you now understand and know all the technical details of Informatica, the only way this software will be able to benefit you is if you know its application in the business world. It is no secret that the process of reporting and analyzing data has been in style for decades now but lately, companies are looking to make productive use of the data that they retrieve. Retrieving data is easy but it’s the making sense of it part that is hard. In the world we live in, companies invest a lot of money on warehouses that extract data and make sense of it that helps them in the long run and helps them run their business successfully. Let us look at some hard hitting facts now. It is no secret that more and more companies around the globe are discovering the power that comes with the help of a data warehouse and how it helps them give insights that help them make better decisions regarding their businesses. This has opened many career opportunities for youth that involved ETL which revolves around data processing as well as warehousing. All you need is some basic Informatica PowerCenter Training to get started.

Following are some reasons why you should be compelled to get started right away.

  1. Informatica training gives you the ability to process data from one location to another.
  2. You don’t need advanced programming knowledge to work with Informatica tools.
  3. Informatica has been competing with Microsoft, IBM, and Oracle and has maintained its position as a leading data Integration, data migration services tool and data quality tool. For this you might need to rely on the expert advice of data integration consultants.
  4. Informatica training will not grow obsolete as a technology, as it integrates with Windows/Unix/Linux as well as with cloud and Big Data.
  5. A vast amount of knowledge and detailed material related to Informatica is available online.
  6. Once you get Informatica training, you can get employed at one of the best companies around the globe (IBM, Siemens, Samsung to name a few).

Here is a chart that shows you just how the demand of data analysts is increasing throughout the United States in the current years.

ExistBI provides the best Informatica training classes. In order to avoid any data related issues in your business, we suggest that you get started right away. You can choose to either get trained online or in person, as long as you get the training! You are good to go!

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