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For a smart business manager, data is power. All successful enterprises will do all they can to maintain their business intelligence processes. And in order to do that, they must invest in certain technologies and human capital with particular sets of skills to extract the maximum benefit out of the data available at their disposal. However, since the world is constantly undergoing changes and there are new developments experienced on a day-to-day basis, it often becomes difficult to locate, extract, and then integrate everything into a single place. It is because of this reason that the need for data warehouses came into existence.

Unlike standard databases, the purpose of a data warehouse is to collect and integrate data of various natures and make it available, ready-to-use, for future queries and business intelligence processes. To guarantee seamless data warehousing, one needs high-quality ETL (extracting, transforming, and loading) tools. As of yet, there are quite a few to choose from in the market, but for now, we will focus on Informatica PowerCenter – A state-of-the-art ETL application with numerous features and benefits to offer. Due to its ever-growing popularity in the BI domain, Informatica PowerCenter training is being considered a smart investment by many businesses!

But what exactly does this ETL tool has to offer? And more importantly, why would anyone even bother spending money on training? In this article, we will discuss everything in great detail to provide you with a clear picture and convince you of the benefits which Informatica PowerCenter has to offer. So, buckle up and get ready! Let’s get started:

Breaking Down Informatica PowerCenter

PowerCenter is the flagship product of Informatica, which is a renowned software development company and vendor involved in providing business intelligence solutions (particularly related to data integration and on-cloud data management). PowerCenter stands out as one of the best ETL solutions currently in the market, with thousands of users all over the world.

Informatica PowerCenter is divided into the following four components:

  • Client tools (includes all the designing and mapping functions)
  • Server
  • Repository server
  • Repository

Benefits of Informatica PowerCenter

Below, you can find some of the major tempting benefits which Informatica PowerCenter has to offer/reasons to invest in Informatica PowerCenter training:

  • Do more in less time

The most prominent and the most common reason why Informatica PowerCenter is the number one choice for so many enterprises for ETL is its amazing features. These special user-friendly functions allow users to get a lot of work done in a very short amount of time. The agility that you get by using Informatica PowerCenter is truly remarkable, making data integration incredibly easy, and not to mention, far more productive. Every new version comes with tons of exciting features that make many day-to-day tasks (like data profiling) extremely simple and easy.

  • Become better at data governance

In business intelligence, if there’s one thing that matters the most, it’s the quality of data. You could employ the best analysts in the job market, have the most sophisticated and expensive software, but if you are compromising with high-quality data, it won’t be worth it. The purpose of data governance is just that – To ensure that during the entire lifecycle, the data provided is of high quality. With the Informatica PowerCenter’s outstanding features and capabilities, you can guarantee smooth and top-of-the-line data governance in your enterprise.

  • User-friendly & easy to learn

Last, but not least, Informatica PowerCenter offers an extremely user-friendly interface. The entire application is quite easy to learn. Moreover, the recommended training material is easy to comprehend and resources are easily available. This isn’t the case with most of the other ETL software vendors, giving Informatica PowerCenter a significant edge over its competitors in terms of training costs.

The above-mentioned benefits only scratch the surface – There are several other advantages that you can enjoy by choosing to opt for training and then implementing Informatica PowerCenter in your organization!

Ending Note

If you consider all of the smashing benefits of using Informatica PowerCenter, it becomes clear that it is a smart investment. Not only is it easy to implement and learn, but it also packs a serious potential of making your ETL processes smoother and far more productive.

When it comes to choosing the right trainer to learn PowerCenter’s functionalities from, it is advised that you conduct a thorough survey and then pick your trainer(s) wisely.

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