If you are seeking Tableau Training opportunities, then look no further. The ExistBi trainers can help you master the ins and outs of Tableau training in the least amount of time.

The Tableau software has experienced wonderful growth and popularity since its inception. Tableau is a powerful data visualization program that can help organizations see, understand, and interact with their data in a better way. Thus, it can enable stakeholders to make sense of their data, its underlying trends, make projections, and take crucial business decisions.

The Importance of Tableau Training

 Successful Tableau training can help participants to:

  • analyze data
  • import and summarize data
  • generate and maneuver data visualizations
  • share visualizations with your colleagues

Types of Tableau Training Conducted by ExistBi

There are three types of Tableau training conducted by the instructors at ExistBi:

  • Essentials Training: Learn the basics of Tableau Server and its installation.
  • Advanced Training: Learn the advanced skills to become a Tableau power user and create visualizations, dashboards.
  • Fundamental Training: Learn important concepts and techniques of Tableau in order to move from simple to complex visualizations.

Apart from these three types, we can customize trainings to fit the learners’ needs. We provide learning material in form of workbooks, presentations and more to reinforce skills and concepts. Reach out to us for Tableau training services on +1 800 280 4376 or in the UK / Europe on +44 (0)207 554 8568.


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