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The world has seen rapid changes in the last century, the likes of which had never been seen before, due to the advancement of technology. The digital world has brought us closer to one another and has made our day-to-day lives significantly easier. However, the digital era has also brought along with it the curse of high competition and the never-ending need to stay up-to-date. But with that curse, it also brought along one of the biggest blessings of computer technology: big data, the oceans of information ready to be processed and utilized by enterprises around the globe.

For that very reason, it’s crucial for business owners to be equipped with state-of-the-art business intelligence tools that let you accomplish different tasks associated with BI like ad-hoc queries, day-to-day analysis, and distributing data across the organization. It’s safe to say that the leading ones which provide a 360-degree solution to a number of BI problems are by Microsoft. Needless to say, availing Microsoft BI Training can help you and your workforce immensely!

In this article, we will discuss the importance of getting trained for Microsoft BI tools and how they can help make your organization smarter, better, and much more efficient! By the time you are done reading it, we guarantee that you will Google the best places where you can get training. So, let’s begin!

The Range of Business Intelligence Tools by Microsoft

Microsoft is known as the leading player in the software industry and the best thing to come out of Silicon Valley. Their flagship product, Microsoft Windows, powers millions of computers around the world. The company didn’t shy away from entering the BI market and introduced the following amazing platforms that provide BI solutions:

ü  SQL Server

A relational database management system that is used for the processing of transactions and business intelligence needs.

ü  Microsoft Azure

A complete cloud-computing platform that lets you take full advantage of your data.

ü  Power BI

A business analytics service that has a number of BI capabilities that let you go the complete mile and make full use of your data.

All of these platforms are being utilized by organizations belonging to different industries including banking, IT, manufacturing, government, and healthcare, to name a few.

Getting Microsoft BI training and gaining expertise for the platforms mentioned above can help you in the following ways:

·         Gain Truly Powerful Insight.

The tricky thing about data is that you have to transform it into meaningful information which you can then use to your organization’s advantage. The Microsoft SQL Server, Azure, and Power BI have features that can help you effectively convert large amounts of complex data into useful information which you can then use to drive powerful insights from! Utilize the complete power of big data and make better decisions for the future of your organization!

·         Process Data & Share Reports Faster.

One of the most difficult BI challenges is ensuring that you are seamlessly connected with the various data sources and generating insightful reports in due time. The Microsoft Power BI platform provides you with a solution to these problems, as well as many more. The process of ad-hoc analysis is made significantly faster and you are able to publish your reports across the organization and beyond in a much easier way!

·         Behold the Power of Cloud Computing.

Become flexible with your resources and efficient with your networking, databases, intelligence, and much more with the amazing power of Cloud Computing, the key characteristic of Microsoft Azure! By using this platform for your crucial computing processes, you can reduce cost and time, increase speed and efficiency, and experience whole new levels of performance, speed, efficiency, and productivity!

·         Grow Your Business.

With so many advantages and benefits that the Microsoft BI tools have to offer, getting trained for them will definitely help you grow your business! Unlock the true potential of data and look towards new horizons of prosperity and success. That’s what business intelligence is all about – looking for new opportunities to make your organization perform better and have an edge over your competitors and it’s safe to say that Microsoft’s BI platforms can help you a lot in that regard!

With that in mind, it becomes clear that getting trained for the different business intelligence tools by Microsoft can help you reduce costs, save a lot of precious time, and take full advantage of big data. It all begins with a simple decision – make the right one and embrace a better tomorrow!

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