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Thinking about the future, every individual or company seeks to stay ahead in the competition. Whether it is about competing for an opening at a prestigious firm or mapping your competitor’s every move to stay ahead in the game, the race has become an essential part of life. Technology has made this race even more difficult to win, and only the ones who are familiar, as well as confident around technology are considered as worthy competition. Microstrategy Training is one such addition that has made the race more competitive.

According to an article in SeekingAlpha.com, the company is a safe bet, and one of the business intelligence software with strong market growth. This is why many individuals seek Microstrategy Training so to add some excitement to their resume, and for businesses to see them as an important asset.

Microstrategy BI Software – What is it?

Microstrategy is an enterprise business intelligence software that provides interactive dashboards for easy and spontaneous control on data outline, automated reports, alerts etc. The software has expanded to support desktop, web, and mobile interfaces.

The need for effective data management, big data storage and visual reporting has brought about the need for business intelligence software that can provide insights to management, and help with daily management decisions, as well as long-term strategic decisions. Companies have managed to stay ahead with the changing trends, and adopted innovative tech solutions to improve day-to-day reporting. This is the very reason why most business are implementing, or seeking to implement Microstrategy with a view to cut down costs in the long term.

Microstrategy Training

 Microstrategy Training – Crucial to Individual or Business Success

Microstrategy training outsourced to professional firms has made it possible for companies to educate and train their existing workforce to learn about Microstrategy, and how much easier their jobs can become. Moreover, the different features of Microstrategy has enabled its users to spend less time on forecasts and reporting, and focus on the core tasks of their job.

From an individual’s perspective, Microstrategy training has opened doors to a brighter future where tech-savvy individuals will be required to lead the way. The need for Microstrategy training is driven from the need for automated or one-click processes, as well as deeper insights into data to understand the market trends, and therefore analyze profitable opportunities. Individuals who can provide businesses with information to grow and succeed are more likely to get the job.

Microstrategy Training: Pros and Cons

Microstrategy Training


  1. Microstrategy includes optimized relational databases that do not require the users to know intricate details but still allow generating reports to the lower most level.
  2. Unified and common metadata ensures support for and consistency in various platforms.
  3. The wide range of tools statistics and reports allow for greater administrative functionality.
  4. Mobile interface allows for convenient streamlining of data and information, even from remote locations.
  5. The SDK (software development kit) allows building of customized applications that can synchronize other apps.


  1. Graphical interpretations that are developed from reports cannot be directly used for analysis. Formatting is needed. Infography does not indicate trends on their own.
  2. UIs are not coherent; therefore, developing applications in the existing environment proves to be a challenge.
  3. Help community is referred to as dormant.

Microstrategy Training

ExistBI is the leading Microstrategy training provider around the globe. ExistBI has brought together the business and IT industry by providing impeccable products and solutions designed to enhance the decision-making processes and improve the overall experience of doing business in the modern, technology-driven world. They understand the importance of data to a business. It offers top-notch Microstrategy training and consulting to help your business grow to extreme heights without taking unexpected (wrong) turns. They do this through experienced and certified software company professionals and representatives.

ExistBI’s Microstrategy training professionals offer the following training classes:

  • Microstrategy 9 BI (Fast Track)
  • Microstrategy Architect and Desktop
  • Report Services
  • Engine Essentials
  • Freeform SQL Essentials
  • Advanced Data Warehousing

Now you can conduct your day-to-day operations with more confidence. For more information, visit www.existbi.com. You can also contact us on +1 866 965 6332 (Canada / US) or +44 (0) 207 554 8568 (UK / Europe).


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