MicroStrategy Training – Turning “Maybe” Into a Definite “Yes”

When you are determined to further your career, there is no “maybe” or “no” involved in the process. You should have the willingness and the motivation to compete and emerge as the winner. If you are willing to give up without a fight, you were not in the right frame of mind, to begin with. Today’s struggle to build a career often throws curveballs at you and it is your decision that can make you or break you. Improving your standing in today’s job market means you need to go that extra mile and MicroStrategy training provides you with that edge you need to succeed in the corporate world.

What is MicroStrategy?

Opting for something new will definitely require you to learn the basics. MicroStrategy software is a business intelligence (BI) software catering to enterprise needs. With the emerging need for business intelligence to help steer businesses in the right direction, several sophisticated tools are sold in the market, however, MicroStrategy brings something different to the table. As an application software, it allows the creation of interactive dashboards and reports, laying out data in a manner that provides businesses with deep insights from the business world. Apart from this, it offers intuitive controls, alerts and automated reports, ad-hoc queries, web support, and much more.

As a BI tool that competes with some of the big names in the market, it offers scalable interfaces including desktop, as well as mobile. It also supports the integration of Microsoft Office since most stored data is recorded and stored in Excel files around the world. MicroStrategy does not only support reporting that provides summaries, but its relational OLAP architecture (ROLAP) allows the drilling of information from transactional-level data as well. It also maintains consistency through the use of a single metadata. Its streamlined platform also allows organization-wide updating by making changes in one place only. The attributes created and decided once can be used across different reports, therefore, defining new metrics every time you make a report is not something you will have to worry about.

Overall, MicroStrategy is a platform that does not let you down when it is time for you to stand up in front of your bosses and take charge. Your decisions come out of an efficient analysis of organization- and industry-wide data, therefore, you are more capable of providing the organization with concrete objectives. Other capabilities of MicroStrategy include:

  • Data Connectivity
  • Digital Credentials
  • Data Discovery
  • Big Data
  • Dashboards and Dossiers
  • Distribution

The Need for Business Intelligence

This question may have been answered a million times, but it is necessary to provide an explanation since BI is still not used as commonly as it should be. Today’s data-driven world does not provide second chances – your competitors may be well ahead of you and waiting for you to stumble. The fact that businesses now operate more carefully with extensive research brings about the need for business intelligence tools to be used to turn that research data into meaningful information. For this reason, businesses are now developing the necessary infrastructure to make their operations and decisions more efficient and effective. This means that along with a secure company network and organization-wide integration, businesses are also setting up data warehouses to store and retrieve information more quickly and efficiently.

Additionally, businesses are now focusing on formulating business intelligence strategies that identify the need for a change in processes, allow for a safe, efficient, and quick flow of information, and supply them with the greatest benefits when selecting a BI ETL (Extract, Transform, and Load) tool.

Why Do You Need MicroStrategy Training?

Although there are numerous benefits a business enjoys by having a BI tool, none of them are of any use unless there is a trained and capable person on board to use the BI software and provide businesses with the insight they need. MicroStrategy software strengthens a business’ position in the market but this goal is only achieved when the business has the right pool of talent. No software can work without human input and, therefore, without certified MicroStrategy training for its employees, a business may just be aiming in the dark.

MicroStrategy is not a complex tool since it is catered to business users and not tech-savvy engineers. This is why, as a professional belonging to the management sciences, you are more capable of using MicroStrategy and putting its tools to good use. Business schools teach accounting as well as analytical skills, along with decision-making and strategic management, which are the key skills required to operate a business intelligence software. With the right training, you can stand out from the crowd and appear lucrative to employers who seek business-minded individuals with analytical and decision-making skills.

Playing in the Big Leagues

Whether it is about investing in the stock market or betting on one team in the NFL games, many people work behind closed doors to run numbers, discover possibilities, create relationships, consider their viability, and present meaningful reports to their bosses for a pay bump or reward. Aiming for the big sharks of the industry requires business intelligence and carefully formulated strategies along with the right people who can gather actionable insights in real-time and provide a business with a future course of action.

Training in MicroStrategy can bring you that respect and status you desire to achieve in the corporate world. It is about not giving your bosses excuses (No) or indefinite answers (Maybe). It is about answering their questions with a confident “Yes,” and this can only be done once you have all the information and insight needed to move forward.

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