Data migration moves are imminent for ensuring service quality and procedural efficiency; however, they do not come without risks. Given below are data migration strategies that can help you make your data migration plan foolproof:

Set up a Workflow Chart

Make a stepwise workflow chart before you start the data migration move. This way you will be able to identify the resources needed for the move at each step. You will also be able to recognize any gaps in your planning.

Create an Information Loop

Data migration is not an isolated procedure. Stakeholders like employees and customers have to be informed about the move ahead of time. Communicate to the employees regarding their role and involvement in the move. Inform the customers as well about the possible service downgrade and delays.

Identify Possible Risks; Have a Fall Back Plan

Data migration moves are risky such as data corruption or loss in the worse case scenarios. Identifying different kinds of risks can help you create a backup plan in case of any glitches. Also, prepare a rollback strategy and a fall back plan in case something goes wrong during the migration process.

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