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For many, business intelligence is still an alien concept. However, their day-to-day activities mirror the tasks that are a part of business intelligence. This does not mean that they are performing the work that a business intelligence software does, but it can be referred to as a touch-and-go situation where employees are struggling to achieve the desired results. SAP Business Objects training offers you or your organization the chance to work towards their goals effectively and efficiently.

What exactly is ‘Business Intelligence’?

Although you may have read the definition a number of times, and you might as well skip this part now, it is always better to read through completely because you may be able to develop a better understanding of the concept.

In its most simplest form, Business intelligence that is also referred to as ‘BI’, is a technology-driven process that helps you analyze data and present action-ready information to your senior executives, managers, and other corporate users. This way, they will be able to comprehend the information more easily and make decisions quickly.

Business intelligence may seem a fancy term that will take your job away from you since your boss will no longer need your slow-processing brain, but it is actually a process that uses your data and curiosity to find opportunities for business and set up a path for their growth and success. Often confused with data analytics, business intelligence is actually a term that encompasses a lot more than just data analytics. It offers a wide variety of methods and applications to collect data from disparate sources (internal or external), prepare analysis, develop queries, run them, create dashboards, data visualizations, reports etc.

Key Benefits of Business Intelligence

As wide-ranging as the applications of business intelligence are, so are their benefits. To help you analyze the benefits more specifically, here is a list:

  • Create Opportunities from Data
  • Accelerate Decision Making
  • Improve Decision Making
  • Increase Operational Efficiency
  • Optimize Internal Processes
  • Drive New Revenues
  • Gain Competitive Advantage

How Does SAP Business Objects Training Help?

As technology progresses at a faster pace than the human brain can process, it is essential for you to work on your skills and knowledge to create better opportunities for yourself. SAP Business Objects Training offers you the chance to add another shining star to your resume by offering you skills that are in-demand right now and will be even more rewarding in the near future than today.

SAP Business Objects is an analytics and reporting platform that is aimed at simplifying the process that ultimately results in opportune key strategic decisions being taken. SAP BI software comprises a variety of applications that allow the user to discover data, perform in-depth analysis, and derive actionable insights. It also allows you to create standardized and simplified reports and visualize your findings.

Here are a few applications, with their own purpose, identity, and function:

  • Crystal Reports

This is a data analytics and reporting tool that is aimed at small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as individual users to create attractive and dynamic reports from different sources and deliver them in multiple formats. These portals can be accessed anywhere and anytime.

  • Webi (Web Intelligence)

It is a web browser application that allows you to perform quick analysis, create formatted reports and distribute them on the software. You can also export them to Excel or PDF.

  • QaaWS – Query as a Web Service

This tool allows users to produce and publish web services that are consumed by SAP Business Objects dashboards and Crystal Reports, along with other software applications.

  • SAP Business Objects Dashboards

Also known by its former name ‘Xcelsius’, this tool allows you to visualize data, and create customized dashboards from the reports. These also include gauges, widgets and interactive charts.

  • SAP Lumira

It is a data visualization and self-service discovery tool that allows users to find as well as analyze business data that is relevant, and create interactive custom dashboards, and analytics applications.

Apart from the tools mentioned above, there are several other tools that help users find opportunities, generate beautifully customized, and interactive reports, and wow their bosses with incredible insights.

SAP Business Objects Training is your opportunity to improve your skillset and outperform your peers. Register with us for an informational session today.

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