SAP BusinessObjects Training – A Necessity or an Option?

Analytics – there is something about this word that sends shivers down the spines of business managers who aren’t so great at crunching numbers. Nonetheless, it is a crucial aspect of business management and business intelligence without which make important decisions is impossible.

If a business is a vehicle, then data is the fuel moving it forward and keeping it up and running. Gathering and storing data is one thing, but extracting valuable information and insight from it using modern BI tools is a completely different matter. In order to achieve that, SAP, a Germany-based software giant, launched the SAP BusinessObjects (SAP BO) platform, a group of applications that makes data analysis and reporting significantly easier, allowing businesses to grow to new heights by benefiting from the wonders of business intelligence.

Before 2007, BusinessObjects was a separate company. It was then acquired by SAP SE and has, since then, experienced substantial growth. It is currently one of the most used BI platforms around the globe. Businesses are taking advantage of SAP BO, and it is time that you also started to reap the benefits that it has to offer! In this article, we will discuss the numerous advantages of getting training for SAP BO, and let you decide whether it’s an option or a necessity in this data-driven world. Let’s begin!

What Can SAP BO Do for You?

Prior to discussing all of the reasons to get training, it’s important to understand what SAP BO can actually do for you. As mentioned above, the SAP BusinessObjects platform offers multiple applications that can assist with reporting and analytics. But, what’s so special about them? For starters, it simplifies all the important data analytics processes, such as predictive analysis, and lets business managers do everything without requiring additional help from data analysts. The drag-and-drop functions make the overall interface incredibly easy to use, allowing even the not-so-tech-savvy manager to take full advantage!

The SAP BO platform offers numerous applications, including:

  • Web Intelligence (AKA WebI)
  • Crystal Reports
  • Query as a Web Service (QaaWS)
  • SAP BO Dashboard
  • SAP BO Explorer
  • and many others.

Why You Should Invest in Training

Now, let’s cut to the chase. There is an abundance of BI platforms all offering great features that can boost your enterprise and keep the competition at bay. Let’s discuss why you need to choose SAP BO.

  No Need for Data Analysts

We have already established that a notable feature of the SAP BO platform is simplifying the complete data analytics and reporting process. This means that you don’t necessarily need the services of data analysts who use complicated techniques to extract valuable insight from the available data. Thanks to SAP BO, all of those crucial processes can be performed with just a few clicks and commands, eliminating the need for additional assistance. This means that you won’t necessarily have to hire more resources which would ultimately save you a lot of money in the long run.

  Use Data from a Variety of Sources

As far as business intelligence is concerned, one of the biggest challenges is to collect data from sources that are entirely different from one another and then integrate it for queries and important business decisions. The SAP BO platform solves this problem too by letting users gather data from a variety of sources and then easily integrating it for later use. Since it is a front-end platform, it collects data from different back-end sources rather than collecting it on the application level. This automatically means that business managers can get the leverage of deeper insights, without having to go through any hassle.

  Keep Useful Content Available at All Times

It is extremely important for business managers to have access to data and insights at all times. All the information must be distributed throughout the organization, regardless of the volume. The SAP BO platform easily solves that problem, allowing your business managers to access the information, anytime, anywhere. This saves a great deal of time and allows decision-makers to keep up and take important steps, whenever necessary.

  Integrates with Office Easily

The Microsoft Office Suite is the one platform over which all good business managers have (or should have) absolute command. It’s the most basic platform that can be used to make day-to-day spreadsheets, letters, and presentations. Moving from one platform to the other can be difficult for managers, which is why SAP BO offers easy integration with the Microsoft Office Suite.

Take-Home Message

SAP BO is the most useful and fruitful set of applications for business intelligence, which, if used correctly, can open doors to a whole new level of reporting and analytics, making it pretty much a necessity in this competitive environment. So, consider investing the time and money to get yourself and/or your workforce trained in this vast platform and go a hundred steps ahead of the competition!

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