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It is a well-known fact that business intelligence has now become one of the determining factors of an enterprise’s success. After decades of taking valuable data for granted (or simply not being able to utilize it efficiently because of technological restrictions), businesses have finally embraced the benefits which BI and big data have to offer in terms of growth, staying ahead of the competition and forecasting. However, taking complete advantage of BI requires the use of the right kind of tools and platforms that provide the ease of handling data, generating reports, analyzing the findings, and communicating those findings so flawless decisions can be made.

A lot of vendors offer BI solutions, some of which have an international appeal. One of those many solutions is the IBM Cognos Intelligence Suite, which is the number one choice for countless enterprises to truly understand their data. Due to its rapidly growing popularity, IBM Cognos Training is being regarded as the pathway to the future and the ultimate success of a business!

IBM Cognos – What it is About

Created as a full-fledged business intelligence platform, IBM Cognos has a lot of advantages in store for its users. From providing the capability of publishing the relevant enterprise content to efficient and timely ad-hoc querying, there is nothing this platform cannot do. And the best part is that everything can be performed on the cloud! Some components of the IBM Cognos suite include:

  • IBM Cognos Analysis Studio (used for data exploration)
  • IBM Cognos Query Studio (used for ad hoc querying)
  • IBM Cognos Metric Studio (used for score-carding)
  • IBM Cognos Workspace (provides interactive workspaces to users)
  • IBM Cognos Connection
  • And many others…

IBM Cognos Training – How Can You Benefit?

Now that you have received a taste of what IBM Cognos can do for you, let us shed some light on getting yourself trained for it and how you and your organization can benefit from using it! Let’s start!

  • It Provides Ease of Generating Compelling Dashboards.

An integral part of the overall business intelligence process is creating compelling, professional-looking, and, of course, functional dashboards. Through this platform, you can easily add and share data and generate meaningful reports in a timely manner. By getting yourself trained for the IBM Cognos Analytics component, you can easily create eye-catching and user-friendly dashboards in a matter of seconds by using its simple drag-and-drop functions. By doing so, you can quickly get insightful information, communicate your reports across the organization, and make far better decisions to always stay one step ahead in the game.

  • It Provides Everything on the Web.

A major challenge faced by organizations while dealing with their BI needs is handling all of the relevant technologies at their disposal. This usually includes a very long list of different applications and some additional hardware (which could drain the budget right out of the enterprise). However, if you are using IBM Cognos, that won’t be a problem!

IBM Cognos is a one-of-a-kind BI suite that takes all of its useful features and combines them in a single, web-based solution. What this implies is that there is no need to go through the hassles of installing applications and/or upgrading your existing systems, something that can save you a great deal of money in the long run. That is yet another reason to implement IBM Cognos in your enterprise and get your staff trained for it!

  • It Provides the Ability of Self-Service Analytics.

In most organizations, all of the basic aspects like data management, data exploration, etc., are handled by the IT department. Without the intervention and assistance of the IT personnel, the non-technical departments and business managers are unable to access the data and generate reports. Some organizations are okay with these protocols and consider training other staff members a waste of money but on a long-term basis, they are actually losing money because of delayed decision-making.

IBM Cognos solves this problem by providing self-service analytics capabilities, allowing all of the authorized personnel (whether they belong to IT, marketing, or any other department) to access the information and gain insight from it!

  • It Lets You Monitor Events and Make Better Decisions.

Another reason to select the IBM Cognos BI Suite is that it provides users with a component to track and monitor certain events, allowing them to make better decisions for their enterprise. The IBM Cognos Event Studio provides this capability.

To Conclude…

Considering all of the solid reasons to opt for IBM Cognos, there is no reason why you shouldn’t invest in training today! Make the right choice and invest in the future of your organization!

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