An enterprise misses great business opportunities if its data remains dispersed and unutilized. Proper MicroStrategy training helps in delivering strategic, dependable and topnotch business intelligence solutions to business enterprises dealing with data utilization issues. MicroStrategy training is in demand and trained individuals and employees are valued by organizations.

Polish Your Skills with MicroStrategy Training

MicroStrategy training helps trainees master the various nuances of data handling, storage, and projection, such as:

  • Make use of high-performing BI tools like Informatica and MicroStrategy
  • Create interactive dashboards
  • Learn data reporting and virtualization
  • Compose scorecards
  • Enhance reporting capabilities of the organization
  • Provide users consistent access to information across the enterprise
  • Integrate on-site and off-site resources to make them work together efficiently and seamlessly

No wonder MicroStrategy training is a highly sought after skill.

MicroStrategy Training: The ExistBI Trainings  

ExistBI has the following MicroStrategy training solutions:

  • MicroStrategy 9 Business Intelligence Fast Track
  • MicroStrategy Desktop: Advanced Reporting

ExistBI trainings are customizable and can be conducted on-site or online. Want to book a MicroStrategy training class for your employees or yourself? Call with confidence at our US number on +1 800 280 4376 or in the UK / Europe on +44 (0)207 554 8568.


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