Finding a stable solution to the ever-changing technological upgrades is extremely difficult however, there are some tech firms that have cracked the code and unleashed the formula to streamlining the ETL (Extract, Transform & Load) process.

Informatica Power Center is one such program that is used for processing and loading the data faster than the traditional methods. It primarily works in three steps:

  1. Extract data from the source – The first step involves understanding, evaluating, and cleaning of source data.
  2. Transform data as per business requirements – The second step involves more refined cleaning of data to transform and polish it as per business requirements
  3. Load it in to the target data warehouse – The third step involves assigning dimensional keys and loading it into the data warehouse.

Informatica power center training is beneficial for both, the business individuals as well as tech staff. It allows any computer literate who knows a little about programming to manage business data and use it for several other purposes to take your business to the next level. A few of the several key features like scalability, zero down time, and real time data for applications and analytics make it all the more interesting once you give it a go.

ExistBI offers Informatica Power Center Training to enable the businesses to perform to its true potential.

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