Going for something new is always unnerving because you are not certain about the outcome and taking a risk, knowing that all eyes are on you, adds to the pressure. Therefore, when it comes to technology, which can be time-consuming and costly to implement, people often prefer off-the-shelf products. In situations like these, very few people opt for professional help to get a better insight into the business world and explore hidden opportunities. Tableau consulting is one such solution to stand in line with the sharks, or at least impress your boss and climb up the career ladder.

Tableau Consulting for Amateurs – Explore the Incredible Possibilities!

What The Future Holds?

According to different credible sources, the world is going to rely heavily on data by 2020. This statement does not ignore the fact that today the world is operating complex systems and generating data worth millions, however, in about 3 years from now, the amount of data is going to be 50 times more. Moreover, the information sources are going to increase by 75 times, therefore relying solely on gut feelings or hand-made extrapolated graphs is not going to cut it out for you. Therefore, you need to keep up with technology and modify your knowledge, skills, and systems to compete with the world. Various IT providers offer different solutions for data analytics, however, tableau consulting is the way to go.

Curious to know what does tableau offer? Here it is:

Tableau Software – Why Is It Different?

Tableau Software – Why Is It Different

While it started with only data visualization products in 2003, Tableau has since come a long distance and evolved its portfolio to better cater to its customers. Tableau now offers unique interactive data visualization and business intelligence solutions for different devices to keep up with modern-day technology. With Big Data penetrating the market at an alarming rate, there is an urgent need for efficient data management.

With Tableau, the corporate people can adopt a forward-looking attitude with more confidence since the forecasts are based on different factors and huge amounts of data, rather than a couple of files from the past 5 years. Management can not only make important decisions based on reliable assumptions but also move into new lines of business after finding an opportunity in the market.

Why Tableau Consulting

To help you understand why you should go for Tableau consulting as opposed to other business intelligence and data visualization tools, here are some key points you should consider:

  1. With an official average rating of 8.6, Tableau holds the first rank amongst other BI tools and software.
  2. Tableau does not confuse with several tools and add-on software. It has just three major products: Desktop, Online, and Server.
  3. The industries where Tableau is most commonly used is the financial and manufacturing sector.
  4. Tableau offers the capacity to accommodate huge amounts of data and offer rapid business strategies and decisions pathways.
  5. Its multiple platform access gives professionals the flexibility to take decisions wherever and whenever they want to, with any device they prefer to carry.
  6. It has an easy and interactive interface and is also user-friendly. This also means that it only focuses on user data to provide meaningful information.
  7. If you want more assurance, you can visit their website for their list of clients, which includes big names like Coca-Cola, Citigroup, Google, Merck, Walmart, Skype and many more.

Why Tableau Consulting?

Tableau consulting services 2017

The market is flooded with different business intelligence solutions as well as consultants, however, before you make the right choice, you need to know whether the offering satisfies your needs and adds value to your business. With Tableau consulting, you will not have to waste time on management reports, diagrams, or presentations, All you need to do is collect data from different sources, choose the right tools and transform the data into meaningful business insights for better and speedy decision making while reducing overall costs.

Want to Know More…

ExistBI is a certified and leading Tableau consultant and IT solutions provider around the globe. ExistBI has brought together the business and IT industry by providing impeccable products and solutions designed to enhance the decision-making processes and improve the overall experience of doing business in this modern, technology-driven world. They understand the importance of data to a business. It offers top-notch Tableau consulting services to help your business grow to extreme heights without taking unexpected (wrong) turns. With ExistBI, you can learn Hadoop through experienced and certified software company professionals and representatives.

Now you can conduct your day-to-day operations with more confidence. For more information, visit www.existbi.com. You can also contact us on +1 866 965 6332 (Canada / US) or +44 (0) 207 554 8568 (UK / Europe).


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