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Knowing which path to choose when you have many options in front of you is rarely easy. A smart choice would be to opt for a business intelligence tool first, then decide between the different paths. The world has become pro-business intelligence, which is why you need to make your move now before it is too late. From the wide array of business intelligence solutions out there, Tableau Software is what you need to make the right decisions at the right time. And to achieve that, Tableau consulting services are a must.

The World of Business Intelligence

In simpler terms, business intelligence, also known as “BI,” allows medium-sized as well as large organizations to make well-informed decisions without delay by accessing and exploring big data. The infrastructure demands of business intelligence software previously made it suitable for the leading players of the industry only; however, this has changed and the credit goes to cheap technology and innovation, which has made business intelligence solutions affordable. This has become possible due to SaaS (Software as a Service), which has integrated cloud technology and leveled the playing field.

Business intelligence tools are used for crunching big data, but this is not the only function that makes them special. The term, BI, explains a superior arrangement of the best technological infrastructure and streamlined business practices to enhance performance through optimization of the decision-making process. BI uses information analysis to pull information from different sub-domains of business and compile that data into charts and reports, so as to provide valuable insights. Business intelligence can be used for the following:

  • To look at any aspect of business with an aim to improve performance.
  • To observe whether sales efforts are serving the purpose intended.
  • To assess the efficiency of the manufacturing processes.
  • To measure and evaluate staff performance.

Big Data and Business Intelligence

As mentioned earlier, the larger the volume of data, the better will be insights obtained from it. Big data describes large volumes of both, unstructured and structured data. This involves having a well-managed data warehouse and sophisticated links, as well as tools to extract, transform, and load data throughout the organization.

Industry analyst, Doug Laney introduced the three V’s associated with Big Data: Volume, Velocity, and Variety. To stay ahead in the market and realize an opportunity before your competitors, speed and timeliness are important, since there is a large volume of complex data from various sources, and it is in all kinds of formats. Therefore, getting it right the first time is important and business intelligence software like Tableau can help achieve this goal.

What is Tableau and How Can it Help One Make Timely Decisions?

Primarily, Tableau is a data visualization software used for data sciences and business intelligence. Gartner, a well-known IT research firm, ranked it as a leader in the category of Business Intelligence and Analytics Platforms in 2017. Therefore, if your boss often complains about your boring budget reports or operational analysis, now you can use Tableau to present those quarterly results in an interactive manner and provide insights that your boss may have never imagined. It offers real-time data analytics and cloud support to cater to the emerging data storage and retrieval needs of large organizations. The company also released connectors recently for Hadoop and other business intelligence software to make integration easier and provide Tableau with more data sources. With amazing capabilities that are superior to its competitors, Tableau offers an array of products and solutions to different industries.

Now that you have understood Tableau, you need to be pro-technology to understand its output and benefits, which is why Tableau consulting services are present in the market to help organizations meet their needs from time to time. Adopting change is important if you want to stay in the race, but it does not mean that you cannot ask for help. Business intelligence consultations from Tableau experts can help you arrive at decisions much faster.

Tableau Products and Their Capabilities

  1. Tableau Desktop

This is a business intelligence software that can be used by anyone. With the basic function of transforming tabulated data into eye-catching graphics and reports, you have the opportunity to enjoy real-time analytics even if you are working on a small secret project and there is no involvement of a data warehouse. Your data source can be as simple as an excel file or a more complicated one, like SAP or Salesforce. Tableau desktop offers an interactive dashboard for combining multiple views of different sources for analysis.

  1. Tableau Server

This server offers networking capabilities in addition to all the features of Tableau Desktop. Not only can you share dashboards created in other products of Tableau, Server also allows you to integrate heavier data sources for better insights. This makes it ideal for enterprise projects and reporting. It is a powerful and dynamic tool, providing more powerful and actionable insights in real time. It also offers easy management, flexibility, and security of the data.

  1. Tableau Online

Being a hosted version of Server, Tableau Online uses cloud-computing technology to make software available across the organization. It is most suited to organizations that have employees dispersed in remote areas or who are always on the go, but them having access to business intelligence is important. Publishing dashboards with Tableau Desktop and sharing them with colleagues in other geographical locations is possible with Tableau Online.

  1. Tableau Reader

This allows you to view visualization created in Tableau. Editing interactions are unavailable with Tableau Reader, however, drilling down and filtering data is possible.

  1. Tableau Public

This version of Tableau can be used by anyone to create meaningful and attractive visualizations. It is free for the world, therefore, if you want to test your skills before you pitch the idea of Tableau deployment to your boss, Tableau Public is what you need. The downside to this is that your saved workbook can be viewed by anyone who is on the Tableau server.

Working towards the right goals and doing it in time is crucial for business success. If you are still unsure about using this software, Tableau consulting services can help. Get in touch with us today to find out more.

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