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You are never looking in the wrong direction if you are relying on technology to help you become profitable in business. The technology has evolved to a point that even thinking strategically can be done by your partner in crime, the computer, without you performing any mathematical calculations. Yes, you just need to be computer literate and a specialist in IT technology to turn things around for you. However, you still need to have some sort of mental ability to think critically and creatively about the software to do its work. This is why tableau consulting services are a booming trend in the corporate world!

What is Tableau?


The software, Tableau can be understood with the mnemonic, “CAS”, which stands for Connect, Analyze and Share. Tableau offers unique business intelligence and data visualization techniques that can help you discover opportunities your competitors have long been taking advantage from. Your company data and historical performance that is worth millions to you may just be more useful than budgeting for future quarters and identifying variances.

With the increasing competition, effective data management is required to act quickly and diligently on the opportunities present in the market at a time. If you take more than the intended time in deliberating, this may put your competitors in a better position to act on the opportunity and convince your probable customers with a better market offering. Tableau consulting services can help you speed up the process of delivering an idea from the desk, and into the market.


A Short Guide to Becoming an Experienced Tableau User

Well… You will not necessarily be able to perform the big queries and bring big changes to your company with this short guide, but you will definitely get an idea of what needs to be done and what Tableau is actually about before you go for the Tableau certification.


  • Step 1 – Connecting with Data Sources

You can connect to excel files, databases and big data queries, as well as text. TDE stands for “Tableau Data Extract” which is actually a compressed screenshot of the data stored on any disk and then loaded into memory as needed by a Tableau user. Firstly, Tableau supports analytics and data discovery because it uses columnar stores, i.e. databases record column values instead of row values. This reduces the effort of input/output required to access data.


Secondly, the structuring of data affects its loading and usage by Tableau. This means that TDEs use everything from computer memory and RAM to hard disk and other hardware to work in an optimal manner. It is therefore beneficial to minimize the number of columns of data source that are to be selected for extraction.


  • Step 2 – Creating Views and Analysis


Tableau offers multiple options to present data in different forms, after applying filters, creating sets and groups, creating trend lines and performing forecasting. Your choice of chart will be based on whether you want to compare, compose, distribute, or create a relationship. This is often the biggest issue Tableau users face because they find it difficult to decide which option will best display their results.

If you want to understand Tableau in more detail, you can visit this link:


Tableau Consulting Services – How Can You Benefit?

You must have understood by now that Tableau is a world-renowned software that has revolutionized the way businesses used their most important asset, their data! Tableau consulting services cannot only help your company achieve its long-term strategic goals but also help you climb your career ladder by suggesting the right solution to your company’s declining performance.

You can take free interactive video lessons on Tableau Desktop from the software company’s official website to get a clearer picture of what Tableau is all about. Alternatively, you can go for Exist Management LLC (ExistBI) who is the certified and leading training provider of Tableau in the US, UK and Canada. You can also opt for our Tableau consulting services where we will sit with the top management of your business and help you arrive at a solution that takes your company further, building a strong competitive advantage.

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