Since the digital era has dawned upon us, we cannot avoid hearing the buzzwords, “business intelligence”, especially in the corporate sector. If you have been a stakeholder of this sector for a long, then you must have an interest in the businesses that are changing their strategic approach, and becoming more tech-savvy. One of the many buzzwords you will hear while you are out for lunch or on a casual walk is ‘Tableau consulting’. What is it?

Tableau – Intelligence beyond Thinking!

Tableau – Intelligence beyond Thinking

Yes… You have read it right! Tableau is a renowned business intelligence and analytics software that has changed the way people used to analyze data and take decisions. It takes more than just your ordinary human-level thinking to analyze and forecast beyond the factors readily available, or easily visible. However, when we talk about gaining deep insight into a specific business sector, there is no better solution than technology for the job!

Tableau is basically a data visualization software; however, it also offers data discovery, big data solutions and business dashboards. Since its debut in 2003, Tableau has made waves in the business industry by offering quick, unique and accurate solutions for data analysts, managers and other personnel. With the demand of products and service reaching an all-time high due to the rising population, Tableau has supported its users to work with relational databases, data cubes and big data, and take decisions with more confidence.

Want To Implement Tableau But Not Sure About It? Tableau Consulting Can Change Your Mind!

It is definitely not easy spending your fortune in something new to you, and about which you are not even sure that it will work out for you. However, Tableau consulting is different.

Several IT consultants and software vendors will advise you Tableau because of its easy-to-use interface, flexibility and the range of features that help you connect unlimited dots to arrive at your desires solution. You may not be sure about a relationship between two factors; however taking a professional’s help often lets you see one. This is how Tableau works its magic.

Tableau Consulting Can Change Your Mind

Tableau consulting exceeds its benefits not only to the company you ae implementing it in, but also to you. When you see a new system implementation, you often get involved with the process, asking different questions either because you are curious, or you want the work to be completed in a smooth manner. In either cases, you benefit not only by being a part of the process but also because it is you that will be using Tableau to impress your managers.

Top 12 Features of Tableau to Get You Excited

  1. Clustering
  2. Web Authoring
  3. Revision History
  4. Licensing Views
  5. Subscribe Others
  6. Mobile Device Management
  7. Site SAML
  8. JavaScript API Improvements
  9. REST API Improvements
  10. Document API
  11. Web Data Connector 2.0
  12. ETL Refresh

Want To Create Dashboards – Why Not Excel?

As the analytics industry has grown over the years, companies demand more tools that cater to their specific needs. For years, dashboards have been a large part of the corporate sector, and while Microsoft Excel was the default software for anyone who wanted create dashboards and make things exciting, here is why Tableau is better:

  1. Computer Fields: It allows the end users to make custom fields to accommodate the requited values apart from the data that already exists from the source files. Therefore, it adds flexibility to the whole process.
  2. Dynamic Dashboards: Creating dashboards that respond to certain filters and allowing clients to look at the required information at many levels just from a single dashboard excites many tech enthusiasts and management personnel. So, why go for Excel and loose and opportunity to impress your boss!
  3. Connects to Multiple Data Sources: Tableau can connect to multiple data sources like Excel files, delimited text files, SQL databases etc. It can also access these sources instantaneously and allow you to join tables.

Tableau Consulting – Your Path to Succeed

Tableau Consulting – Your Path to Succeed!

Tableau consulting offers the following:

  • Faster adoption
  • A proven road-map
  • Lower risk
  • Change management (Transformation through expert guidance)

It may seem difficult at first, but rest assured, Tableau consulting can take you to the top of your career ladder, helping you achieve your personal goals, while the company enjoys higher profits through better decision making.

Want to Know More…

ExistBI is the certified and leading Tableau consultant and IT solutions provider around the globe. ExistBI has brought together the business and IT industry by providing impeccable products and solutions designed to enhance the decision-making processes and improve the overall experience of doing business in this modern, technology-driven world. They understand the importance of data to a business. It offers top-notch Tableau consulting services to help your business grow to extreme heights without taking unexpected (wrong) turns. With ExistBI, you canlearn Hadoop through experienced and certified software company professionals and representatives.

Now you can conduct your day-to-day operations with more confidence. For more information, visit You can also contact us on +1 866 965 6332 (Canada / US) or +44 (0) 207 554 8568 (UK / Europe).


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