Tableau Software – The Need of Every Modern Organization

Putting in untiring efforts in the domain of business intelligence has become a need for every modern enterprise, regardless of the size and nature of the business. The power of technology has enabled businesses to unlock the potential of data, most of which used to go unnoticed and unused until just a few decades ago. By collecting and analyzing this data, enterprises are now able to make much better decisions and stay one step ahead of all their competitors.

On one hand, the technology involved isn’t that straightforward. On the other hand, driving useful insight from the data requires a certain level of technical competency – one that isn’t possessed by every other person in an organization. Tableau Software, a software development company that focuses on data visualization solutions, solves this problem with its products, thereby making them a need for every modern organization that generates business intelligence reports on a daily basis.

In this article, we will discuss what makes the products by Tableau so important and why every modern organization needs to implement one so that they can make improved business decisions by driving better insight from the data available at their disposal. Let us begin!

A Brief Overview of Tableau

As discussed above, the focus of Tableau is on providing top-notch data visualization solutions to enterprises that may have to deal with complex and sophisticated business reports on a day-to-day basis. Communicating these reports and driving insight from them can be tough, as not everyone in the organization is competent enough to understand them. But with Tableau, you can visualize your data in hundreds of different ways.

So far, the company is offering the following products:

Tableau Desktop

Allows complicated data visualization to be done through a desktop. The Tableau Desktop can also connect to the cloud.

Tableau Prep

Enables business managers and analysts to prepare data in a very simple and user-friendly environment.

Tableau Server

Provides managers with a single platform to share and communicate reports and other analytics across the organization.

Tableau Online

Tableau Online, as the name suggests, lets organizations perform their entire data visualization processes on the Cloud.

Benefits of Tableau

There are some solid reasons why so many businesses prefer implementing Tableau Software‘s solutions. Without further ado, let us discuss all of those reasons in detail:

A Brilliant Way to Visualize Data

As already discussed above, an enterprise may generate several complicated and sophisticated reports on a day-to-day basis. The problem is that not all personnel in that organization are technically competent enough to understand everything included in those reports. A manager may have to present some of those reports to high-level executives/officials or even people lower in the hierarchies and they may just go over their heads. Considering this gap in knowledge and communication, Tableau’s products can prove to be incredibly useful as they allow hundreds of different possible ways of visualizing even the most complex data, helping organizations gain better insight.

Create Dashboards Effectively

A major aspect of business intelligence is creating user-friendly and meaningful dashboards which the entire organization can then use to gain valuable insight and generate reports. Not only does Tableau minimize the need for intervention from the technical staff, thanks to its user-friendly and simple interface, it also results in a significant increase in both productivity and efficiency. What this simply implies is that managers can create dashboards on their own and enjoy complete autonomy in this regard.

Integrate Easily with MS Excel

If there’s one challenge that most organizations face while implementing a new software/solution and introducing it to their existing staff, it’s having to either integrate it with existing ones or discard them altogether (due to incompatibility). A very common suite of software that is used by almost every organization is Microsoft Office. And in that suit, the software that is commonly utilized by all departments (from HR to marketing) to generate reports is Microsoft Excel. The good news for those who want to implement Tableau is that its software can easily be integrated with Excel and used for data visualization.

There is No Coding Required

Another great thing about Tableau’s software is that in order to utilize its data visualization capabilities, the users don’t have to learn any coding skills. Tableau’s products are incredibly easy to use. You can perform even the most complex of tasks using drag-and-drop functions. The interface is intuitive and requires very little training.

Ending Note

Our final verdict is that all organizations definitely need Tableau’s solutions if they want to truly harness the power of data. So if you feel that you are ready to go to the next level of BI and improve productivity by a thousand folds, you too should definitely consider going for Tableau!

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