Why Do You Need Tableau Training? Tableau Training Best Practices

Have you ever wondered why the IT industry is always focusing on improving efficiency in database management and decision-making?

The world has grown into a global, competitive market which makes it extremely difficult to survive and stand out unless you stay up-to-date on the current trends of the market and strive to succeed. Tableau training is one such innovation that has changed the way businesses used to conduct their day-to-day operations.

Tableau Training

If you have not heard about Tableau, there is still time to get acquainted with the software so that you can discover a new way to lead your business to success.

A tableau is intelligent software, specially designed to process data and present information in an interactive, interesting and understandable manner, so to make it easier for businesses to make smart decisions about their business. With products and services like Tableau Desktop, Tableau Server, Tableau Online, and others, your organization will have state-of-the-art tools for business analytics.

How does Tableau work?

If you have always preferred the old ways of making decisions in your business, i.e. by going through extensive data and wordy reports, or input from departmental managers, you will be amazed at how tableau training at your firm can help speed up the process of decision making.

Tableau is designed to guarantee faster results, by building logical explanations in computer systems and displaying credible results, instead of ambiguous decisions out of boardroom meetings.

A general understanding of Tableau can be acquired through the mnemonic, “CAS”, which stands for Connect, Analyze, and Share. Tableau training, when you are using Tableau desktop, is simple. All you need to do is connect the Tableau software to your desired data source, select the data you wish to analyze, and the way you want to analyze it, and make smart decisions with instant results. Once you have generated a report, you can share your thesis or findings with other Tableau users within the organization through the Tableau server, or publish online.

If you wish to embed the Tableau software throughout the organization, Tableau Server is what you should opt for. Tableau training offers a simplified route to understanding Tableau products and how you can make yourself feel easy around a Tableau powered data analytics system.


Tableau server is well suited for medium-to-large organizations where information can be analyzed and delivered to different departments within an organization in a matter of seconds. This way, decision making authorities can get the required information in-time to act promptly and steer their efforts in the right direction.

After logging into an active directory where all users are authenticated, users are connected to the tableau server where they can add and analyze data, and then generate and share reports. So, there is just one verification standing between you and a world full of powerful visualization and analytics.

Tableau Training Benefits

Tableau training is offered in stages so that you can comfortably adapt to the concepts. Starting with fundamentals and moving on to advanced techniques is a route, that is more rewarding than you think. The more you move further, the more reason you will find to acquire knowledge about Tableau. Moreover, Tableau Dashboard and Stories is a bonus feature that helps you think out of the box. With the opportunity to learn story creation, applying filters and using various formatting options on an interactive dashboard, you will also get into the buzz, which almost half of the world is into.

Here are some of the Tableau classes offered throughout the world:

  • Tableau Desktop: Boot camp
  • Tableau Desktop: Fundamentals
  • Tableau Desktop: Advanced
  • Tableau Server: Architecture
  • Tableau Server: Administration
  • Tableau Visual Analytics

More explicitly, here are 6 benefits that will help you pitch Tableau to your IT department and make efforts to implement it:

  1. You can quickly create interactive plots
  2. You can build interactive dashboards using GUI
  3. You can connect to “R” to run your models and then visualize those data models in Tableau
  4. Enables business growth (Tableau is leader of Analytics and Business Intelligence Platforms – named by Gartner 3rd time)
  5. Easy to Learn (Create interactive MIS dashboards within 7 hours of training)
  6. Affordable Price (Apart from the professional version that may cost over $1,999, you can also try the free version – Tableau Public)

Tableau Training Best Practices

If you are an IT advisor and need to pitch an idea to the board which will promote growth and efficiency, here are some of the best practices of Tableau Training:

  • Designing dashboard with clear goals in mind
  • Designing dashboard layouts for high effectiveness
  • Choosing different charts for specific goals
  • Minimizing dashboard objects, whereas maximizing actionable perceptions
  • Getting maximum results from text
  • When to use 3 types of basic navigation

ExistBI is a renowned IT and business solutions provider that has provided businesses with impeccable solutions and a promising future. With Tableau training, you can make your day-to-day and strategic decisions with more confidence. For more information, visit www.existbi.com. You can also contact us on +1 866 965 6332 (Canada / US) or +44 (0) 207 554 8568 (UK / Europe).



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