Most Common Mistakes Made by Tableau Users, and How to Avoid Them Using Tableau Training – Part 1

Sometimes not doing too much or overdoing something is what marks the line between success and failure. Look at it this way, people are either too motivated to do something or they do nothing at all. However, putting in the right amount of effort is what is required to acquire success. IT (information technology) is one of the many areas where overthinking or overdoing can lead to disasters or complete failure. If you have recently been involved in Tableau training, you must know that the same principle applies here as well.

People in general, or more specifically beginners, need to understand the fine line between working and overworking. Tableau training can be a bliss for trainees who are more inclined to learn and put things into a simpler, more meaningful perspective than those who end up doing little by making things more complex.

What Tableau actually is?

Tableau training analytic

Tableau software is a visual analytics tool that makes the creation of interactive graphical analytics easier.


It works through multiple dashboards. All that the users or non-technical analysts need to do is convert data into understandable, meaningful, and visual form with the help of dashboards. It helps the user extract the data from public sources as well as the proprietary data to allow the regeneration of new and valuable insights.

To make things more clear, here is an example:

If you need to find out the percentage of users of your company’s product in a state’s population, all you need to do is collect or extract data from reliable sources of the census, pair it with your company’s sales data and you will be able to find out what you are looking for. In addition, changing the variables can help you understand the facts and figures concerning your product and the population.

Common Mistakes Candidates of Tableau Training and Beginners Make

Tableau training is designed to overcome the problems faced by Tableau users around the world. If you are a user of Tableau Software then, you might be having certain difficulties and bearing certain confusion. Here are some problems that are commonly faced by users.

  1. Tableau does not work like Microsoft Excel, nor is it similar in its functions. Tableau does not make text tables.
  2. Replicating charts or reports designed in another tool
  3. Designing reports without structuring data
  4. Using too many annotation marks
  5. Using dark colors like Red or others in the color legend.
  6. Front selection on Tooltip
  7. Creating and using over 5 sheets in the dashboard
  8. ‘Compute using’ function in the table calculation
  9. Unseen filters applied (enabling quicker results)
  10. Using excessive calculation fields
  11. Keeping the focus on data rather than the audience (the outcome is not what you expect)
  12. Printing the dashboard
  13. Filter overload (showing all data or options on one screen)
  14. Connecting every table in the database by using Tableau’s ‘multiple tables’ option
  15. Spending way more time on formatting than needed
  16. Connecting summarized data

Tableau training is not just an ordinary training session from which you will come out wondering, “what happened in there?”. Tableau training has different training modules and offers a comprehensive course outline to help you learn the basics and proceed on to the advanced level. It is a need for every tech professional today to acquire the knowledge and skills needed to stay competitive, and Tableau training provides an edge to users to direct their careers in a suitable direction.

Learning these common mistakes that Tableau users often make, can help you reduce the chance of errors and frustration, thereby making it easier for you to come up with visual analytics with the click of a button.

How to Avoid the Above Common Mistakes?

When using new software, you should never try to find shortcuts, because that will only lead you to further complexity and you will find yourself facing the same issue, repeatedly.

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