Tableau Training from The Right Service Provider – Why Tableau Training is Important?

Why Tableau Training is Important

The world has turned into a global marketplace over the recent decade. Businesses have grown more competitive and as a result, more complex. This has brought about the need for young talent that possesses a specific set of skills and will fit right into the company culture. However, with the increasing complexity, businesses require a specific set of skills that will help them get that edge in the market. Tableau training can help you acquire that specific set of skills; however, finding the right training provider is crucial to your understanding of this smart software.

Over the recent years, Tableau software has made headlines in the business world by providing an outstanding set of tools and options tailored to meet specific needs of the business, namely data and management related. This business intelligence software allows you to work with big volumes of data and create visualizations that are not available in any other software, even the popular ones.

Although you may find a Tableau training provider after every few blocks, you still have to use your judgment to find out whether they meet your training needs. You would definitely not want to end up in the wrong hands and spend your money in some institution that does not prepare you for the corporate world.

There are a number of factors to consider before you put your faith in any Tableau training provider’s hands. Let us start with:

Why Tableau?

Apart from Tableau, there are a number of software in the market including historical software like Excel and Access, and the more modern, Informatica, QlikView, and others. However, what differentiates Tableau from others?

Tableau was highlighted in a data analytics guide as a “highly intuitive visual experience” that will prove to be an asset for startups and small businesses. It not only provides an insight into the market, as well as the running of the business, but that insight also proves to be actionable. Moreover, data visualizations are a key player in its several capabilities. This is why the demand for Tableau training has spiked over recent years.

  1. Some of its benefits include:
  2. It is increasingly easy to understand and use.
  3. Data creation, dashboard creation, and data exploration are tailored to meet all experience levels.

Comparing Tableau with Its Competitors


When comparing Tableau with QlikView, QlikView offers a high degree of customization. This may sound good to you right now, however, most new and current users complain the platform’s complexity becomes overwhelming. Individuals who have spent four years studying business or ones without a technical background may find learning QlikView more difficult.

If we talk about Excel, it is a spreadsheet tool with a few data visualization options; however, it is not a complete data visualization tool, that will explain your data the way you want. With Excel, you must have an idea of where you need your data to lead in order to get useful insights while Tableau offers the flexibility to wander off until you find what you were looking for. Tableau also updates information automatically, in real-time, whereas Excel needs to be manually updated. Moreover, in Excel, you need to manipulate the data before you create visualizations manually whereas, in Tableau, you will see the magic happen right away.

The Right Tableau Training Provider – Factors to Consider

Now that you have understood why Tableau is in high demand, and why does it stand different to its competitors, let us focus on finding the right Tableau training provider.

Here are 5 factors to consider:

  1. Does the Tableau training provider offer certified training and steers the trainees in the right direction? The training provider you have selected must be familiar with the industry trends and requirements and offer courses that are tailored to meet the industry’s needs. The training provider that has a license from the software company will be more dedicated and steer its trainees in the right direction.
  2. Does the training provider employ certified professionals? You need to make sure that your selection of training providers has a certified and experienced faculty that will re-enforce you with a better learning choice and an enhanced understanding of Tableau.
  3. Ask for the Tableau training provider’s clientele and/or reputation. Most training providers keep a file of their achievements to attract the market. Reviewing their client base, or if you have come to know that they also outsource Tableau training services, you will definitely feel more confident with the institution and sign up for training sessions.
  4. Ask about the training provider from past trainees or enquire in-person. Past graduates of the training provider might provide you a better picture of the knowledge and experience the Tableau trainer provides. Moreover, you can ask the institution in person if any graduates have been employed by reputable firms to understand the prospects of Tableau training.
  5. Compare the price! Probably, the most important factor if you are satisfied by the four above. If you believe that other institutions have also ticked the boxes above, you can look towards how much will Tableau training set you back. If the difference is high, you may want to look for any other benefits that the institution is providing like practical training, employment prospects, etc.

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