The Pros and Cons of SAP Business Objects Business Intelligence

In order to stay ahead of their competitors, companies have to understand and visualize various patterns and indications in the marketing world. This includes noticing the slight hints and changes that eventually lead up too much greater alterations. This is why the usage of SAP Business Objects BI is becoming so vital in our continuously advancing and changing world.

Being able to look into these trends and take maximum advantage from them is the key that unlocks the future for many businesses. Companies are especially on the lookout for individuals who have received SAP Business Objects training and are able to use their expertise to push their companies further.

Undoubtedly, without having a clear idea of the current situation of the world around us, one fails to not only make a suitable decision in the present, but also to make any reliable estimations or assumptions for the future.

Much like any other software, SAP Business Objects BI comes with a set of pros and cons and being able to look into them and understanding just how they affect one’s business needs is imperative in making the right choice. Let’s look at some of the benefits and disadvantages of the software.

  • Pro: Huge Amounts of Available Resources

SAP Business Objects BI isn’t a newly released product or brand; in fact, it has been around for quite a long time. During this time period, it has managed to attain a lot of different resources. When a company decides to utilize it today, they gain all these resources and are able to use them as they see fit.

Being a well-established brand also ensures that SAP Business Objects BI is able to invest more funds into development and improvement as time passes. This ensures that bugs and glitches are fixed and that new features are added to the software on a regular basis. Finding assistance and help regarding anything related to SAP Business Objects BI is also quite easy because of how popular it is.

In addition, many developers are quite proficient in the software’s primary languages. When a company decides to use Business Objects BI, they ensure that they do not have to spend too much time chasing after a developer who excels in the required language.

  • Pro: Offers A Lot of Versatility

Business Objects BI is very versatile and scale-able. Handling ten thousand users just as well as it handles a hundred thousand, business objects is able to scale up or down based on the needs of the organization that is using it. This allows it to grow alongside the company and ensures that one does not need to spend a lot of money in purchasing new software because their business expanded to a size that was not supported by the previous one.  

Furthermore, its many features also ensure that one is able to fulfill a multitude of responsibilities without having to delve into different software. It handles multiple complicated tasks and has managed to set a standard for other software to follow. The assistance and the ease it provides are definitely unmatched even today, and the huge number of companies using it is a clear indication of this fact.

  • Con: Considerably Expensive

Deploying SAPS Business Objects Web Intelligence software can be a very costly endeavor, especially for smaller organizations that have limited funds and resources. With growing costs and the added need of hiring individuals who can actually use the software to perfection and are proficient in its languages, organizations are definitely looking at quite a hefty investment.

  • Con: Difficult to Upgrade

Certain users have also indicated how upgrading the software can be a difficult task. Migrations, in particular, end up being a troublesome issue. Data migrations are generally thought to be a rather difficult and hectic task, to the point that companies stall or postpone it whenever they can, so this might not be a direct shortcoming of Business Objects BI. However, it is something that users have reported in the past, and thus should be considered.

However, even with these cons, one cannot understate the many advantages of the software. For many companies, it is the industry standard, and rightly so. The features and assistance that it provides are quite unmatched, making it the go-to option for a multitude of organizations.

While it does require a hefty investment at first, if one can afford to deploy it, and wants a safe and reliable option that doesn’t involve risks, then Business Objects BI is definitely something they should consider. With many resources to utilize, and a large number of exceptional and skilled individuals available to use their expertise, it is definitely looking like the software will remain the industry standard for quite a few years to come. SAP Business Objects training, in turn, will play a great role in preparing more and more individuals in handling the software like pros.

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