The Rise of Data Warehouse Consulting Services

Present-day advancements have unlocked the doors to running businesses much more smoothly than in the past. In a world where business intelligence is the key to success, is equipped with state-of-the-art technology that assists with analysis and decision-making is highly crucial for every enterprise. Collecting data is one thing but having instant access to that data for important business queries is something else entirely! And that’s where the concepts of data warehouses and data warehouse consulting services come into the picture.

In this detailed article, we will shed some light on the rising importance of this technology and services offering consultations. Hopefully, by the end of it, you will have a better understanding of what you could achieve by using them. Let’s start.

Understanding Data Warehouses & How They Are Different from Databases

Before discussing the consultation services, it’s important to understand what data warehouses actually are and what they can do for your business. Think of a data warehouse as a database. However, there is a distinct difference between the two. A data warehouse is used to collect data from disparate sources across the organization in order to transform it into useful information. This information is then used for the purpose of swift analysis and effective decision-making. On the other hand, databases are used for everyday transactional processes.

In more technical terms, a data warehouse is a special technology that is used for OLAP (Online Analytical Processing) whereas databases are used for OLTP (Online Transaction Processing).

Why Should a Business Use Data Warehouses?

With the rise of aggressive competition and brand new avenues, the modern manager needs to have instant access to useful and concrete data that could facilitate fast and accurate decision-making. By using the power of a data warehouse, managers can easily achieve that. With an effective data warehouse, business managers can:

  • Get useful insight about the past, present, and future situation of the business with concrete evidence.
  • Easily aggregate data collected from disparate sources.
  • Access crucial data and transform it into information for ad-hoc queries.
  • Create reports without spreadsheets (as with an efficient data warehouse, you don’t have to know the source of the data)
  • Generate reports without having to completely rely on the IT department.

The Benefits of Hiring a Consultant

Since data warehouses have a lot of benefits to offer, businesses are better off availing the services of data warehouse professionals to reap the maximum benefits of this technology. So, without further ado, let’s discuss the rising importance of getting data warehouse consulting services.

  • Get Business and Technical Expertise

The biggest challenge for the management of any enterprise is ensuring that the IT and business professionals remain on the same page. This is because, at times, the IT personnel don’t completely understand the depth of business strategies. However, a data warehouse consultant is skilled in both domains. They can provide you with complete data warehouse solutions, with expertise in both the IT and business aspects of running a venture.

  • Enjoy Maximum Benefits of Data Warehousing

Let’s face it: it’s tough to design an effective data warehouse. At times, it becomes difficult to find the technical resources within the organization to successfully set one up. Consultants have the technical competence to design and implement effective systems offering smooth aggregation of data from across the organization in order to produce useful insights for the managers. So, if you want to think long-term and truly take advantage of BI, consider letting an expert guide and assist you with the whole procedure.

  • Eliminate the Cost of Hiring and Training Personnel

Hiring technical personnel and then paying for their training to get them skilled in data warehousing operations can turn out to be an extremely costly process overall. Instead of going through the hassles of hiring and training individuals, opting for the professional expertise of data warehouse consultants is a far better option.

Final Thoughts

You can collect all the data in the world but if you are unable to extract useful information from it on time, that data is useless for your business. It is, hence, crystal clear that hiring data warehouse consulting services could help your business big time. However, selecting the right consultants (ones worth your time and money) is up to you. By using the right technical resources to equip yourself with the technology of data warehouses, you will be able to benefit significantly and win the race of business intelligence!

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